Cyclops’ God-Tier Son Is a True X-Man in Comic-Accurate Cosplay

Cyclops' God-Tier Son Is a True X-Man in Comic-Accurate Cosplay

Cyclops’ son, Cable, is a badass mutant from the future, and in a new cosplay, his true power is shown in a way that isn’t often seen in comics.

The badass son of Cyclops known as Cable is a sometimes member of the X-Men who hails from a turbulent future, and now in a highly comic-accurate cosplay, Cable shows fans that he should take on missions with his X-Men colleagues way more often!

Posted on Instagram by username @heroes_4_hire_costumes, cosplayer Robert Paul Day frequently shares his unique takes on characters originating from the worlds of Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, and more, while also providing his for-hire cosplay services for events such as birthday parties, award nights, conventions, and even nerd weddings! A cosplayer that often utilizes larger-than-life costumes to bring to life heroes like Hulk, Beta Ray Bill, Mech Batman, and even Bumblebee from Transformers fame, Robert successfully blends realism with comic-accurate looks at every turn.


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A fan-favorite character known for his smarts and brutality in the field of battle but also his dedication and commitment to those he protects, a Cable cosplay isn’t easy to pull off, especially when it comes to his more over-the-top comic book adornments. Plagued by a techno-organic virus that he needs to keep in check at all times, Cable also has telepathic and telekinetic abilities and is always seen brandishing firepower that would put any mutant to shame.

Putting his creative skills to the test by making a version of Cable that leans into the X-Men’s iconic 90s look, Robert gives Cable a blue body suit accented by two gold-ringed “X” logos, more ammo strapped to him than is probably necessary, and a giant battle-worn gun that could assuredly take down any foe Cable faces in a single shot. Going on to perfectly capture the silver design of Cable’s techno-organic arm, this cosplay wraps things up by giving Robert Cable’s signature scar over his eye and a silver main of hair to seal the deal.

A hero who at the peak of his power has gone toe-to-toe with Silver Surfer, Cable is more often than not a reserve member of the core X-Men team when not running around solo or leading the strike squad known as X-Force. Tending to exist apart from the X-Men and their superhero adventures unless specifically called upon, Cable getting an accurate costume that doesn’t ignore his importance to the team nor the fact that he used to be a staple hero on it is a welcome sight for fans and a perfect X-cosplay otherwise.

So while Cable has always jumped between X-teams in the past, seeing him dressed for battle with the real X-Men is a version of the character that needs to be seen more in comics. Robert Paul Day (@heroes_4_hire_costumes) has outdone himself with this wildly creative and comic-accurate Cable cosplay, so check out his page for more cool nerd-related content!

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