Cyclops’ New X-Men Team Might be the Best Ever in New Trading Card Art

Cyclops' New X-Men Team Might be the Best Ever in New Trading Card Art

A trading card variant cover illustrated by Russell Dauterman highlights just how legendary Cyclops’ first official Krakoan X-Men team has become.

A new trading card variant cover for X-Men #12, illustrated by the talented Marvel Comics artist Russell Dauterman, highlights just how awesome Cyclops’ latest iteration of the X-Men truly is. First formed in the wake of 2021’s Hellfire Gala, the first official Krakoan X-Men team is already one of the mutants’ most iconic.

One of the coolest things about the new Krakoan Era is that Marvel Comics has announced that there will be an annual X-Men Election to decide one fan-selected new mutant to join the X-Men team roster. The 2021 fan choice was Lorna Dane, the daughter of Magneto who goes by the moniker Polaris. While it can be assumed that Cyclops (or Captain Krakoa as he’s currently known to the public) will remain as the leader of 2022’s X-Men team, his first team line-up will not be the same going forward, making this variant cover art honoring the first Krakoan X-Men team ever more important.


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The gorgeous variant cover for the upcoming X-Men #12 is drawn by Russell Dauterman in the style of ’90s era X-Men trading cards, which featured sole characters or popular teams on them. X-Men trading cards are a staple of Marvel Comics media, and while new trading cards are sometimes made as promotional material, many fans have nostalgia specifically for Jim Lee’s ’90s X-Men trading cards, which have recently been collected together in a new book. The X-Men team, comprised of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Polaris, Synch, Sunfire, and Wolverine (Laura Kinney), is at their coolest in the their unique hero costumes, which allows each of them to express their individuality while also sharing the new X-Men logo and X-designs that make their looks cohesive. Not only do they all look amazing in this group shot, but Dauterman really captures their individual energies and personalities, with Laura’s slight smirk and Lorna’s hand on her hip.

Russell Dauterman’s art will be recognized by most casual X-Men fans, and especially those who love the new annual Hellfire Gala outfit designs, as Dauterman is behind many of 2022’s Hellfire Gala costumes, which are truly the pinnacle of mutant fashion. Cyclops’ X-Men team, which could also arguably be Jean Grey’s team as the two of them often lead in tandem, is certainly not the first X-Men team Scott Summers has led, in fact he has often been a leader of the X-Men even during his darker moments. This team of X-Men have already come up against some major foes such as the newly introduced Doctor Stasis, as well as fighting against enemies like the Reavers, M.O.D.O.K., and Nightmare. While the action-packed fights featuring this X-Men team have been amazing, with battles gorgeously illustrated by Pepe Larraz, some of the X-Men team’s best moments have come from the interpersonal interactions between the amazing characters. Seeing Cyclops leading an X-Men team after years spent as a hated mutant character, as well as the interesting relationship between Wolverine and Synch who spent hundreds of years together inside the Vault, have been some of the biggest highlights of Gerry Duggan’s X-Men run.

There have been many legendary X-Men teams over the years, but Cyclops’ first official Krakoan squad, whose stories have been written by Gerry Duggan with art by Pepe Larraz, might go down as one of the best rosters in X-Men history. Russel Dauterman’s awesome trading card variant cover for X-Men #12 truly does highlight just how cool this team is, led by the X-Men’s “best hero” Cyclops, and why they may go down in history as one of the X-Men’s all-time best. X-Men #12 will be available from Marvel Comics on June 22.

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