Daredevil Easter Egg Means The MCU Already Has A Batman Clone (Not Moon Knight)

Daredevil Easter Egg Means The MCU Already Has A Batman Clone (Not Moon Knight)

An Easter egg in a season 2 episode of Netlfix’s Daredevil show means that the MCU secretly had a Batman clone long before Moon Knight.

An Easter egg in Daredevil season 2 indicates that Moon Knight isn’t the MCU’s first Batman clone – Kyle Richmond’s Nighthawk is. Due to the Crescent Crusader’s many similarities to the Caped Crusader, Moon Knight is commonly referred to as Marvel’s Batman. However, he isn’t the only character (or even the first) to be labeled a Batman clone in the comic books.

The MCU will have its own Batman-esque character when Disney+’s Moon Knight show premieres and takes viewers into the dark world of Marc Spector, a mercenary who becomes the chosen champion of Egyptian god. But because of Daredevil, the MCU has already teased the existence of a Batman-like character. Before, it wasn’t implicitly clear if Netflix’s Marvel shows were canon with Marvel’s movies and Disney+ shows, but recent developments heavily imply that they are indeed a part of the wider MCU. Daredevil’s Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) showing up in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) being Hawkeye’s secret villain reveal that Daredevil’s characters coexist in the same timeline as the MCU’s heroes.


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Daredevil season 1 was filled with Easter eggs to other Marvel Comics characters. Among those mentioned was Kyle Richmond aka Nighthawk. A clear reference to the hero was made when Owlsley insisted that “Richmond” be on the guestlist for Kingpin’s gala, which included a number of distinguished millionaires and important figures in New York City. According to him, Richmond wouldn’t show up, but he would be mad if he didn’t at least receive an invitation. Owlsley’s comment perfectly represented the public persona of Nighthawk. In his civilian life, Richmond was a rich playboy who often attended these sorts of functions in New York City on a regular basis. He also used his financial resources to support his superhero lifestyle as Nighthawk and the operations of the Defenders.

In contrast to Moon Knight, Nighthawk was intentionally created to resemble Batman. In the late 1960s, Marvel debuted the Squadron Sinister, a team of heroes meant to be its take on the Justice League for a one-time battle with the Avengers. Each member was a facsimile of a DC Comics superhero, with Nighthawk’s gadgets and wealth making him Marvel’s very own Batman. Later on, Nighthawk was added to Marvel’s Defenders comic, which further developed his personality and made him into one of the team’s biggest heroes. However, he never escaped from the shadow of Batman. Moon Knight, on the other hand, has so many noteworthy differences to Bruce Wayne that some of the Batman comparisons sometimes feel a bit unearned.

Daredevil’s mention of him may never go further than an Easter Egg in the MCU, but Nighthawk’s presence in Marvel Comics does provide plenty of storytelling potential that would make him worth exploring in the future. At some point down the line, the crime-fighting activities of Kyle Richmond could be shown on the small screen. In fact, it may be that Marvel’s two Batman clones will one day cross paths in Marvel’s Moon Knight show.

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