Dark Souls 3 Nameless King Statue Will Destroy Fans’ Wallets

Dark Souls 3 Nameless King Statue Will Destroy Fans' Wallets

One impressive Dark Souls 3 statue depicts the boss the Nameless King in stunning detail – but the statue’s high price might be tough to swallow.

A recently-revealed statue of an infamous Dark Souls 3 boss is making the rounds online for its incredibly high price tag. The statue depicts one of Dark Souls 3’s optional and hardest bosses, the Nameless King, in a striking boss from one of the game’s cutscenes. As if the Nameless King wasn’t already infuriating enough, the price tag on this statue is definitely going to make your wallet cry. While this statue has impressive detail, it’s clearly for a very specific group of collectors.

In Dark Souls 3, players can encounter the Nameless King in the optional area called the Archdragon Peak. After slaying a dragon and solving a puzzle, the dungeon opens up the room to the boss where players face off against one of the most difficult bosses FromSoftware has ever designed. This boss has two stages, both with very different mechanics. This battle tests patience, endurance, and just how much players have learned up until this point. Because the Nameless King is such an iconic boss, it comes as no surprise that a statue would be made in its honor. But, this price tag will likely stop the many fans of this boss from making the purchase.


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The news comes from Twitter user Wario64, who is known for posting many deals, discounts, and preorders on all types of video game merchandise. Today, Wario64 tweeted a promo for the new statue featuring the Nameless King. The statue, made by First4Figures, is a highly detailed depiction of the iconic boss in a shot from the cutscene that plays before the 2nd phase begins. Dark Souls players who have faced the boss should be familiar with the pose in this scene. But, the biggest eye-catcher from this statue is the enormous price tag it carries. Depending on which edition is purchased, the statue will cost somewhere between $1,199.99 and $1,274.99. This price has taken many by surprise, as First4Figures has not posted a statue of this price in the past.

While the price is a hard pill to swallow, there are a lot of great details put into the Dark Souls boss statue that somewhat justifies this enormous price tag. The statue is going to be over 2 feet tall, which will tower over a majority of common gaming statues in a personal collection. Along with this, the actual statue itself is simply stunning. The Nameless King is shown holding the head of its Stormdrake which, as fans of Dark Souls 3 know, is finished off by the Nameless King at the start of his 2nd phase in order to absorb the thunderous energy from its companion. The base is meant to represent the ruins and pathways of Archdragon Peak, which is where the Nameless King can be summoned to fight from the Belfry Tower

While the statue itself will not be released until 2023, the level of detail that has gone into it is undoubtedly worthy of praise. A collectible such as this is a rarity and one that is targeted at a very specific group of collectors. While this price tag will surely scare away some, the opportunity to grab this exclusive statue will certainly attract the attention of die-hard Dark Souls 3 fans, even if it’s simply to admire from afar. Hopefully, the statue won’t cause fans’ wallets as much stress as it did to the players.

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Sources: Wario64/Twitter, First4Figures


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