Dead Space Releases New Weapon Sound Effects & Fans Hate Them

Dead Space Releases New Weapon Sound Effects & Fans Hate Them

A new clip of the Dead Space remake’s new weapon sounds has received backlash from fans for being worse than the ones featured in the original.

A new clip from EA Motive showcasing the upcoming, highly-anticipated Dead Space remake’s new sound weapon effects has received major backlash from fans, proving that the title’s recent delay was entailed. Though it was originally set to release this year, EA Motive revealed that the upcoming Dead Space remake is aiming to release in 2023, missing its original 2022 launch window.

A new Dead Space title has been requested by fans for almost a decade following the disappointing release of the action-oriented Dead Space 3. Influenced by Resident Evil 4, the first two Dead Space entries are known for their claustrophobic levels and spine-chilling sound design that creates an immersive horror experience. Fans ultimately seem excited to re-experience its classic locations with upgraded generation graphics and improvements to many of its core mechanics. To give players a sneak peek, EA Motive showed off some side-by-side comparison screenshots of the original game and its newest rendition, highlighting some of the Dead Space remake’s environmental differences players can expect to see. Though similar, fans can look forward to more depth and detail that will enhance gameplay.


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Shared on Twitter, Dead Space showcased a brand-new comparison clip of the Dead Space remake’s new weapon sounds compared to their original counterparts side by side. While appearing to be prototypes as the game is still in development, the clip shows altered models, sounds, and animations of both the Pulse Rifle and the series popular Plasma Cutter. These new changes have however angered fans, with many making fun of the remakes golden filter that replaces the original game’s atmosphere and many of the different weapon changes that seem unsuited for the title. Despite fan backlash, EA Motive has recently mentioned that all previously showcased work are placeholders and are working on delivering the best experience.

Plasma Cutter sounds way worse than in the original. Not enough bass/oomph on the low-end. The recoil on the firing animation sucks, the original is perfect.

— catbus (@Bionic_Catbus) March 12, 2022

Bro why tf does the original look better ?

— Moe, The Creator (@TalkyWalkyy) March 12, 2022

EA Motive officially revealed the Dead Space remake in 2021 at EA Play Live and promised to improve and enhance the original story and gameplay of the classic survival horror game while maintaining its original integrity. Though there are few changes to the original Dead Space, the remake will feature updated and expanded dismemberment mechanics, cut content from the sequels, the return of Issac Clarke’s voice actor, the addition of modern graphics that will improve the experience, and a brand-new audio and variation system that will affect Issac’s dialogue depending on his emotional state.

While the remodeled and reiterations of the classic Dead Space weapons appear to be jagged, the title isn’t expected to release for another year and EA Motive appears to be listening closely to fan feedback to fully polish the title and meet demands. It’s currently unknown if there will be any more audio designs updates for the remake, but players can expect more updates for the eagerly-anticipated title in the future.

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EA Motive’s Dead Space remake makes its way to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S in early 2023.

Source: Dead Space/Twitter, catbus/Twitter, Moe, The Creator/Twitter

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