Destiny 2 Best Rain of Fire PVE Build

Destiny 2 Best Rain of Fire PVE Build

With a new Destiny 2 season comes new exotic armor for each of the classes. While the exotics this time around are strong, one that is making huge waves of the Warlock’s Rain of Fire boots. Unlocked by completing Legendary or Master Lost Sectors, this exotic allows Warlocks to essentially have a permanent 25% damage boost on any subclass they desire. But the question is how far can we take this exotic and are there additional ways to benefit from us turning into a mob-clearing machine?

In this first installment of The Armory, I will look to both optimize how often this ability is active and gain additional benefits from all this killing. Remember, this is not the only build you can make with Rain of Fire and this guide should be treated as a blueprint. Everyone has their favorite weapons, mods, and playstyle so feel free to make adjustments as you see fit. But for those wanting to melt everything in front of them, here’s how the build works:

Rain of Fire Build

Destiny 2 Rain of FIre Build

The Core

At the heart of this build are the Rain of Fire boots and the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle. Rain of Fire has two effects, the first being we reload all our weapons whenever we perform an air dodge. This is fine, but honestly, it’s completely unnecessary as I don’t even run the Icarus Dash Aspect with this build. Where things get interesting is the second ability, which gives us radiant every time we kill an enemy with a fusion rifle or linear fusion rifle. For the unfamiliar, radiant is a 25% damage buff to every weapon for several seconds.

The second piece of this build is Vex Mythoclast, which is the Vault of Glass raid exotic. This is a primary weapon that is also a fusion rifle, meaning you have unlimited ammo. Since Vex Mythoclast is categorized as a fusion rifle, every kill you get with it will trigger radiant. Since the radiant buff timer refreshes after every kill, you can easily keep up this 25% damage boost with little effort.

The Weapons

When it comes to your Kinetic and Power weapon you have a lot of freedom here. Since Vex Mythoclast will be triggering Rain of Fire 90% of the time, you are free to use what you need in the other slots. Radiant doesn’t go away when you switch weapons, so this 25% damage boost can be great for sniper rifles, shotguns, and breech-loading grenade launchers. However, I am going with one of my favorite weapons in the game, Deliverance. This gun with Enhanced Demolitionist and Enhanced Chill Clip is an absolute workhorse. Not only do we get solid crowd control thanks to the Stasis burst, but Enhanced Demolitionist also helps get our grenade back very quickly.

In the Power slot, I like either Palmyra-B or Cataclysmic. The former is probably the best rocket launcher in the game right now, while Cataclysmic is a solid single-target damage weapon to take down pesky Champions or bosses. Plus, it’s a fusion rifle so you can also trigger Rain of Fire after killing enemies with it! Again, you are free to use whatever gun you want in these slots, but I recommend a high-damage weapon to maximize our benefit from radiant.

The Main Mods

Quick Charge – Arc: Our first big mod is Quick Charge which will give us a Charged with Light stack every time we get multiple, raid kills with a fusion rifle. Since this will happen a lot in this build, we are almost always benefiting from this mod. It’s far and away the easiest way to obtain Charged with Light when running Vex Mythoclast.
Charged Up – Solar: The next mod is Charged Up, which just gives us an additional stack of Charged With Light. You don’t need this, but I find the extra stack makes the build more consistent.
Rays of Precision – Artifact Mod: Here’s where things get really fun, as this mod will cause a target to ignite whenever you kill them with precision damage while radiant. We are almost always going to be radiant, so you can effectively blow up your targets in a ball of solar fire all of the time.
High-Energy Fire – Void: Yes, radiant does stack with the damage bonus from High-Energy Fire. This is our only use for our Charged with Light stacks, as it will periodically make our weapons stronger. You can use this to just tear through hordes of enemies faster or spend those Charged with Light stacks when attacking bosses with your other weapons. High-Energy Fire gives us, even more, burst damage potential, allowing us to utterly melt bosses or tough targets like Champions.
Harmonic Siphon – Any Element: Who doesn’t love Orbs of Power? As long as we’re running a Solar subclass, we will make Orbs of Power every time we rapidly kill multiple targets. This just offers us even more benefits for slaying enemies with Vex Mythoclast, since we will be able to use our Super far more frequently.

The Subclass


Touch of Flame: Look, you can absolutely run Heat Rises in this build if you want to benefit from floating around.  Personally, I prefer the grenade improvements you get from Touch of Flame since this gives us more damage options and flexibility in encounters.
Icarus Dash: This Aspect is a little awkward since it we won’t get the second dodge, but it’s ultimately more useful than Heat Rises. It gives us some evasion to get into cover or a way to quickly move across the map.


Ember of Solace: With this fragment our radiant buff will last longer, allowing us to benefit even more from us slaughtering every enemy in front of us. There are no stat penalties for using this, so I strongly recommend using this fragment for your build.
Ember of Blistering: So this fragment is entirely dependent on if you’re using the Rays of Precision artifact mod. If you aren’t then you can use whatever fragment you want here instead. For those using that mod, Ember of Blistering will reward us with grenade energy whenever we trigger a Solar ignition. This will happen a lot since Rays of Precision almost always triggers, allowing us to frequently use our grenade.
Ember of Eruption: Similar to Blistering, you will run this fragment only if you’re using Rays of Precision. Ember of Eruption will increase the blast radius of our ignition, allowing us to engulf groups of enemies in fire. It’s even more mob control, making this build especially deadly against hordes of foes.
Ember of Tempering: This is a free space to use whatever fourth fragment you want, but I like Ember of Tempering. While the -10 to Recovery is a bit annoying, we will make up for this stat loss by increasing our recovery whenever we kill an enemy with a Solar weapon. Oh hey, Vex Mythoclast is Solar what a surprise! Did I mention this recovery boost also applies to nearby allies? Yeah, this is a pretty solid fragment that gives us needed survivability.

And that’s it! You are now ready to devastate any enemies that dare to step in front of your crosshairs. If you’re looking for more help, we have guides covering how to unlock the Solar 3.0 fragments and grenades, how to get the new Jotunn catalyst, how to farm Vestiges of Dread and Opulent Umbral Energy, all Exotics, new weapon Patterns, seasonal mods, and Season of the Haunted triumphs. In addition, we’re covering all patch notes, bugs and top issues, Bound in Sorrow quest steps, and Calus Bobbleheads. We’ve covered how to get Opulent Keys, Bound Presence in Containment, Crown of Sorrow H.E.L.M. upgrades, Iron Banner Seal Triumphs, and the Trespasser Catalyst. And lastly, we’ve written on how to find a Loyalist Commander for Battles Lines Triumph and the Cek’ik Boss.

Author: Deann Hawkins