Destiny 2: Enigma Glaive (God Roll Guide)

Destiny 2: Enigma Glaive (God Roll Guide)

The Enigma is a powerful new Glaive that can only be upgraded through Destiny’s new crafting system. Here’s how to craft the god ‘roll.’

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 has arrived, and players are finally getting their hands on a powerful new weapon type; Glaives. With a melee, block, and shoot combo, the Glaive can do just about everything. Players will unlock their first Glaive, The Enigma, after unlocking the highly anticipated weapon crafting feature in Destiny 2 after completing the first mission of The Witch Queen campaign. Unfortunately, the Enigma is not a weapon that drops from random sources in Destiny 2 and can only be obtained from crafting it at the Relic (weapon crafting table). So, instead of searching for a god roll for an unknown amount of time, players will have to create the Engimas’ god roll themselves.


Right off the bat, players won’t be able to craft the best version of this weapon. Instead, they’ll have to level the weapon up to unlock its best perks. This can be done by simply using the weapon. Getting kills and completing activities while this weapon is equipped is the best and only way to unlock the rest of its perks. Players will also need to gather weapon crafting materials in Destiny 2 to be able to pay for adding new perks to the weapon. This can be done by using weapons that drop with ‘Deepsight Reconssance’ and extracting its materials after completing its Deepsight Reconssance.

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Weapons that can be shaped at the Relic have the ability to have enhanced versions of perks placed on them through crafting. Putting enhanced versions of perks on weapons will cost 2,000 Neutral Element and an Ascendant Alloy, so players are in for a fairly lengthy grind if they want to put two enhanced perks on the Glaive. However, once players create their god-rolled Enigma, it quickly becomes one of the best new weapons in Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. 

How to Craft the Godroll Enigma Glaive in Destiny 2

Engima Glaive Crafting in Destiny 2

There are two key perks players will want on their Enigma, as well as an artifact mod that makes Glaives insanely powerful;

Enhanced Impulse Amplifier: The Impulse Amplifier is a must-have on the Enigma. It increases the speed of the glaives projectile (which is very slow without) as well as increases the weapons reload speed. The enhanced version of these perks increases the projectile and reload speed.Frenzy: Frenzy is the best damage perk players can put on their Glaive as it increases the damage of both the weapons melee and projectile attacks while in combat. The enhanced version of this perk increases the damage even more in combat.Suppressing Glaive (Class Item Artifact Mod): The most broken mod available on season 16’s artifact,  Suppressing Glaive, blinds and debuffs enemies hit by any glaive attack, blocking them from using abilities and leaving them open for attack.

The Enigma in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is easily the most satisfying weapon to use once players have acquired these perks. Impulse Amplifier completely changes how the weapon’s projectiles perform and makes the weapons’ projectiles much more viable. Combined with Frenzy and the seasonal artifact mod, Suppressing Glaive and the Enigma becomes one of the most lethal and useful energy weapons in Destiny history.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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