Destiny 2: How to Unlock The Pit of Heresy

Destiny 2: How to Unlock The Pit of Heresy

The Pit of Heresy is the only dungeon in Destiny 2 that has prerequisites before it can be completed, including knowing how to unlock it.

The Pit of Heresy is the only dungeon in Destiny 2 that has prerequisites before it can be completed, including knowing how to unlock it. The Pit of Heresy is a dungeon on the Moon that is part of the Shadowkeep expansion. Completing it rewards Powerful gear that can otherwise only be earned through the campaign and activities on the Moon.

During Season of the Chosen, Bungie began to un-sunset a few weapons and armor that were tied in with the Shadowkeep expansion. In the middle of Season of the Splicer, all of the Moon gear in Destiny 2 had been reissued with new perks and stats. While a few activities like Altars of Sorrow and Essence Quests can award these gear pieces, only the Pit of Heresy has these weapons with unique rolls. The Pit of Heresy is also the only place where the Premonition Pulse Rifle can be earned.


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To start, the only way to unlock the Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2 is by owning the Shadowkeep expansion. This means that all weapons associated with it, like the Exotic Machine Gun Xenophase, can’t be unlocked or earned without it. Additionally, those who have started the quest for Xenophage will have to unlock the Pit of Heresy in order to finish it. It’s unfortunate, but unlocking the Pit of Heresy is tied in with the campaign of Shadowkeep.

How to Unlock the Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2

Altars of Sorrow Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy

After the events of Shadowkeep are complete, speak with Eris Morn and receive The Deeping Wake quest. Travel to Sorrow’s Harbor and partake in the Altars of Sorrow activity. After defeating 20 Nightmare enemies and earning a Tier III (or higher) reward, return to Eris Morn. The Tier III or higher reward has to be received and is only issued once the activity is over. This means that anyone attempting this activity will have to stay until the activity is either failed or completed at Tier VII.

Return to Eris Morn to complete this Destiny 2 quest, and the Pit of Heresy activity will be available on the Moon near the Sorrow’s Harbor fast travel point. Inside the Pit of Heresy are several puzzles leading up to a final boss. Like many of the Hive-related activities, the encounters will revolve around using Hive Swords, defeating minibosses, and solving puzzles by interpreting symbols (similar to those that are decrypted in the Moon’s Lost Sectors). Completing the Pit of Heresy dungeon solo, without dying, fulfills the “Savior of the Deep” Triumph requirement and awards the Shadowkeep banner.

Pit of Heresy Rewards in Destiny 2

Once completing every Pit of Heresy quest, players will receive one of Destiny 2’s exotic weapons, a ship, and other cosmetics to use in the game. Players will earn every weapon and armor from the “Altars of Sorrow” and Moon essence quests, for starters. Players can also obtain a Premonition Pulse Rifle from this dungeon. 

Destiny 2’s exotic machine gun Xenophage can also be earned as a reward by completing “The Journey” quest. However, in order to get this exotic weapon, players will have to trigger and complete a hidden encounter. 

Players will also have a chance to get the Bane of Tyrants ship as a drop from the final encounter. During this encounter, the ship can still drop for Destiny 2 players who have already received their weekly loot from this particular dungeon. Finally, players will also unlock Sanguine Static and Crimson Echoes Emblems by completing Triumphs related to this dungeon. 

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.

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