Destiny 2 Recurrent Impact Guide

Destiny 2 Recurrent Impact Guide

Savathun is finally here, which means Destiny 2’s highly anticipated expansion has been released. The Witch Queen has players finally confront one of the franchise’s most popular villains in her own throne world. Not only is this DLC introducing a new story, but there are also a ton of new weapons, armor, exotics, consumables, and activities for players to participate in. The Witch Queen also marks the release of the Void 3.0 update, which drastically reworks the void subclass and new exotics to build around.

With the new expansion also comes Season of the Risen, which revolves around defending Earth from Savathun’s Lucent Brood. This new season introduces a collection of weapons you can hunt down and craft. One of these is Recurrent Impact, a rapid-fire frame machine gun that can roll with some terrific PVE perks that are perfect for add control. If you’re looking for a solid Heavy Weapon to cut through hordes of aliens, this is a solid candidate. Here’s how to get it and what perks you’ll want on it:

How to Get Recurrent Impact

Thankfully, there are a couple of different ways you can get a Recurrent Impact. Your main method will be decrypting Umbral engrams into one via the War Table at the H.E.L.M. This is available after unlocking the Weapon Decoding Clearance in the upgrades sub-menu. Once you have this feature unlocked, you can turn any Umbral engram into a random roll of this machine gun for 50 Legendary Shards and nine Risen Umbral Energy. You may also have a chance to get a red box Deepsight variant, which is required if you want to craft one.

You aren’t guaranteed a Deepsight variant, so it may take some time before you get all five needed to craft this gun. Additionally, you can get a roll of Recurrent Impact at the end of the PsiOps Battleground activity from the Runic Chest for 500 Psychogenic Intel. This is a less consistent method, but it’s possible if you’re lucky.

Destiny 2 Recurrent Impact

Recurrent Impact God Rolls

Recurrent Impact PVE God Roll

Masterwork: Stability or Handling
Smallbore or Arrowhead Brake
Tactical Mag
Headstone or Frenzy

If you’re looking to bring this gun to PVE activities, we have a few solid choices for great PVE rolls. In the barrel slot, Smallbore provides a stability and range boost. This makes the weapon easier to control when firing; however, you can always go with Arrowhead Brake if you want a handling and recoil control boost. While both are solid options, I ultimately recommend Arrowhead Brake since the +30 to recoil cannot be overlooked. In the magazine slot, you will want Tactical Mag to increase the number of bullets in the gun and get that sweet reload speed boost.

As for primary perks, go with Subsistence in the first slot. You will rarely use this weapon to damage tough bosses, so Subsistence is a solid pick since it allows you to blast through enemies without needing to reload. It also synergizes wonderfully with our secondary perk choices, Headstone or Frenzy. The former freezes the enemy and lets you shatter them. Doing so effectively turns one enemy into a mini-bomb that kills everything around it, and it works nicely with some Stasis fragments. Alternatively, you can go with Frenzy if you prefer having a static damage boost that doesn’t require any real work on your end to trigger.

Recurrent Impact  PVP God Roll

Masterwork: Range
Accurized Rounds
Perpetual Motion
Tap The Trigger

For those looking to bring Recurrent Impact into the Crucible, you will mainly want to focus on improving its stability and range. This is because you will only have a few bullets in this weapon, so you want to make the most of them. In the barrel, I suggest using Smallbore as it provides a needed boost to range and stability, making the gun easier to control. To further improve range, get Accurized Rounds, which is a PVP all-star perk that has appeared in quite a few god roll articles before. This is mainly due to the big +9 boost to the range, which allows your duels against enemy Guardians to be more favorable.

When it comes to primary perks, we have some pretty straightforward choices. The first is Perpetual Motion, which nicely increases handling, reload speed, and stability when moving. Yes, the reload speed won’t really matter in PVP, but the stability and handling increase is always welcomed. I’m also going with Tap The Trigger for this, as it essentially ensures you can secure your first kill without expending an entire magazine. The initial burst of accuracy and stability is terrific — especially for a weapon you’ll only use once or twice per match.

Author: Deann Hawkins