Destiny 2 Report: Relic Data Guide

Destiny 2 Report: Relic Data Guide

With Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen, the doors to the Throne World are finally open. Savathun introduces herself in the latest expansion with new gear, weapons, strikes, and many other activities to look forward to. Navigating this new era can be overwhelming, but don’t fret — we’re here to help. This guide explains the steps for Destiny 2 Report: Relic Data, as well as how to get the Come to Pass and Tarnation Patterns.

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How to Start Report: Relic Data in Destiny 2

Report: Relic Data is part of the Evidence Board, which can be found in The Enclave in Mars. In order to gain access to it, the steps are as follows:

Progress through The Witch Queen‘s campaign until The Cunning.
Complete the quest and, once you’re back in Mars, you should have a notification in the Evidence Board to grab to start Report: Resonance Comp.
Finish the quest to unlock Report: Relic Data.

The reward for Report: Relic Data is a Throne World weapon. Let’s get to the quest steps.

Step 1: Evidence Board Visited

Straightforward enough, you just need to interact with the Evidence Board in The Enclave and grab the quest.

Destiny 2 Report Relic Data 1

Once you do, it’s time for some crafting.

Step 2: Shape Empirical Evidence, Likely Suspect, and Red Herring

The second step is quite different from what we’ve been doing in other quests from the Evidence Board. Your task is to craft Empirical Evidence, Likely Suspect, and Red Herring in the Enclave.

Using the Relic in the Enclave for weapon crafting. Of course, this also means you first need to have obtained all three weapon Patterns after completing the corresponding Deepsight Resonance.

Destiny 2 Report Relic Data 2

While you have a chance of finding these weapons as loot just from completing activities, there are a few specific steps to avoid that process:

Empirical Evidence: Obtained after completing The Ghosts, which is the third main mission of The Witch Queen campaign.
Likely Suspect: Obtained after completing the Trust Goes Both Ways quest.
Red Herring: Complete The Witch Queen campaign.

Luckily, said weapons don’t need for you to complete several Deepsight Resonances in order to unlock the Pattern — one is just enough. Onto the next step, which is far more annoying.

Step 3: Shape Come to Pass and Tarnation

This step is a pain in the ass. Both Come to Pass and Tarnation require for you to play the Wellspring activity — but under specific conditions.

Come to Pass: Drops from Bor’gong, Warden of the Spring in the Wellspring: Attack activity.
Tarnation: Drops from Vezuul, Lightflayer in the Wellspring: Defend activity.

Destiny 2 Report Relic Data 3

In case you haven’t yet, you need to complete The Witch Queen campaign to unlock the Wellspring activity. Now, the problem comes with the drop chance for both weapons, which is painfully low. In addition, the Wellspring activity is on a daily rotation, which means that you don’t always get the one you need. There are a total of four variations (two for Attack, two for Defense), so depending on your situation, it may take you several days to complete this step.

The weapons require for you to complete the Deepsight Resonance twice, which translates to having two copies of each weapon with Deepsight Resonance and then complete the process. During the Wellspring activity, you may just get the regular version of the weapons, which means repeating it again and again.

The senior community manager at Bungie explained that the team is aware of the low drop. Hopefully this changes in the future, but for now, you have to farm the activity on the respective days until you get lucky.

Step 4: Reshape a Weapon With Enhanced Traits

This Destiny 2 Report: Relic Data step is far more forgiving. All you have to do is reshape any weapon with an enhanced trait.

For this, just head over to the Enclave in Mars, interact with the Artifact, choose Reshape, and select any of your crafted weapons. Then, on the latter two Perk slots, choose any Enhanced Trait.

Destiny 2 Report Relic Data 4

Bear in mind that you’re going to need Ascendant Alloy, Neutral Element, and an additional Element that varies depending on the Perk’s category. In addition, you may need to have the weapon at a certain level beforehand, too.

Step 5: Report Your Findings to the Evidence Board

Head over to the Enclave in Mars again to report your discoveries. Once you arrive, get close to the Evidence Board and interact with the prompt right before it that says “Log Report.”

Destiny 2 Report Resonance Comp 21

Step 6: Review the Case on the Evidence Board

Finally, interact with the Evidence Board to pick up your reward. Congrats on finishing the Destiny 2 Report: Sacred Scorn quest! If you were wondering how to unlock the Altar of Reflection activity, this quest does exactly that.

Author: Deann Hawkins