Dolores Responds to Teresa Snubbing Her Over Dina

Dolores Responds to Teresa Snubbing Her Over Dina

Dolores Catania is responding to Teresa Giudice snubbing her over Dina Cantina and says The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG had “no reason.”

Dolores Catania is responding to Teresa Giudice snubbing her over Dina Cantina and says The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG had “no reason.” Teresa recently revealed the real reason why Dolores was absent from her engagement party with Luis Ruelas. At the reunion, Teresa claimed it was due to her and Luis not getting a chance to go on double dates with Dolores. But she later revealed it was because Dina and Dolores don’t speak. The reveal seemingly pointed to Teresa’s loyalty to Dina over Dolores.

Despite the snub, Dolores took the high road at the reunion and said she understood. She was more focused on Teresa enjoying her big day than focusing on her absence. But considering how long Teresa and Dolores have known each other, not being invited had to hurt. In addition to not attending Teresa’s engagement party, Dolores was also snubbed as a bridesmaid. It turns out that Dina will also be involved in the wedding while Dolores will have to watch from the sidelines. Teresa recently admitted to not inviting Dolores to the celebration due to her silent feud with Dina.


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Since making the reveal, Dolores has responded to finding out the real reason why she was snubbed. “I spoke to Teresa about it and she was like, ‘You know, I don’t why I said that,'” Dolores told Page Six. “Whatever the reason is, should there be a reason? No,” she added. “To me, there was no good reason — whether it was Dina or whether it was we didn’t go out for couples,” Dolores quipped. The fiery response is much different from the response Dolores gave at the Season 12 reunion. Teresa seemingly threw Luis under the bus saying he didn’t know Dolores that well which is why she wasn’t invited. But considering Luis’ appearance over the season, he was able to spend more time getting to know Dolores during filming.

Dolores admits not being invited somewhere shouldn’t bother her. But considering the importance of Teresa’s engagement party, Dolores says she “would be lying to say it didn’t [hurt] on some level,” getting snubbed by her friend. There’s been an obvious shift in Teresa and Dolores’ friendship dynamic over the last two seasons. While Dolores joined the show in season 7 as a close ally of Teresa’s, she has gone on to develop her own friendships among the cast. Season 12 saw Teresa question what she viewed as Dolores being more loyal to Margaret Josephs over her.

Teresa and Margaret went at it throughout the season, and Dolores never chased after Teresa during their showdowns. Jennifer Aydin has become Teresa’s closest ally. And with Jen and Dolores at odds, Teresa could be finding solace in their friendship. The Real Housewives of New Jersey OG is losing friends on the cast. Teresa and Melissa Gorga finally admitted to not speaking much outside of filming and will most likely bring their unresolved tension to Season 13. Dolores still holds an affinity for Teresa and refuses to bad-mouth her in the press. But she’s speaking out against being snubbed by Teresa over Dina, and the OG will have to respond to hurting her friend’s feelings.

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