DOOM 2 Mod Turns the Classic FPS Into a Hack ‘n’ Slash Ninja Gaiden

DOOM 2 Mod Turns the Classic FPS Into a Hack 'n' Slash Ninja Gaiden

A new DOOM 2 mod for PC, known as Doom Shinobi, reimagines the classic FPS from id Software as a face-paced hack ‘n’ slash game like Ninja Gaiden.

A recently released PC mod titled DOOM Shinobi reimagines id Software’s DOOM II as a face-paced hack ‘n’ slash game like Ninja Gaiden featuring a speedy sword-wielding ninja. Known as a genre-defining shooter, DOOM is considered to have spawned one of the oldest modding communities in the history of gaming. The talented head behind the project is no other than notable modder Edy Pagaza who previously created two other unique total conversion mods for the classic FPS title. Most notably, however, the modder created DOOM Fighters which turned DOOM II into a retro 3D brawler featuring a 3rd person camera view and a unique brawler moveset to pummel demons.


Known as a genre-defining shooter, DOOM is considered to have spawned one of the oldest modding communities in the history of gaming. Players began creating mods for the first two classic titles in the mid-’90s and have been recognized for more or less creating the video game modding phenomenon. While almost three decades old, hundreds of mods continue to be released for DOOM and DOOM II using the DOOM engine, as fans and modders continue the legacy of the original titles that helped revolutionize first-person shooter games and studios like Bethesda go the long mile to license mods for new chapters of remastered titles such as DOOM 64.

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Uploaded on Mod DB, modder Edy Pagaza (via Alpha Beta Gamer) created a brand-new DOOM II mod/WAD that turns the classic FPS title into a hack ‘n’ slash game similar to Ninja Gaiden. The unbelievable total conversion mod completely changes the style of the game, replacing the Doomslayer with a speedy ninja that can run on walls, deflect bullets, chop demons into bits with multiple weapons, and can unleash several different powers that individually have their own custom animations to quickly fend off groups of enemies. Additionally, the mod also features throwable weapons such as shurikens and kunais, a boss fight, two unique Japanese Valentine’s maps, and much more.

Total conversion mods completely replace all or almost all of the resources used within games, and if Edy’s DOOM Shinobi used different sprites and levels, it would come off as an almost unrecognizable hack ‘n’ slash game. Similarly, another modder spent almost 17 years fully converting DOOM II into a horror experience called Total Chaos. Turned into an unrecognizable survival horror game, the mod features grim environments, detailed character, ambient lighting, and a host of new graphical features.

Created by a single person, Doom Shinobi is the next total conversion mod for fans of DOOM and Ninja Gaiden who are looking to scratch a button-smashing itch. Though definitely not the last total conversion mod to come out for the classic FPS title, players who want a mix of fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash with DOOM’s brutal action-packed gameplay can jump in for a brand new 90’s experience.

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DOOM II’s Doom Shinobi mod is available to play now on PC via Mod DB.

Source: Edy Pagaza/Mod DB (via Alpha Beta Gamer/Youtube)

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