Dying Light 2 Sunken Airdrops Guide

Dying Light 2 Sunken Airdrops Guide

Rejoice, zombie fans: Dying Light 2 is finally here. The follow-up to developer Techland’s 2015 Dying Light, this game once again merges the undead and parkour. Set in the fictional European city of Villedor, players assume the role of Aiden Caldwell, a member of an outcast group called the Pilgrims. Throughout your journey, you will encounter a number of different factions vying for control of the city. Your actions, including which faction you support, will shape how Villedor evolves throughout the campaign.

One of the biggest choices you’ll make is draining the water out of the dam near the very end of Dying Light 2. This will either give you access to an entirely new district full of extremely deadly infected or force you to traverse this area underwater. Regardless of what you pick, this location has some of the best loot in the whole game thanks to the Sunken Airdrops scattered throughout the various flooded buildings. These can be tricky to locate since there are a lot, so here’s where you can find these airdrops, what to expect, and if they are worth all the effort in locating.

Dying Light 2 Sunken Airdrops

Sunken Airdrop Locations

To make things much easier for you, the image above shows the location of every Sunken Airdrop south of Newfound Lost Lands. These will be here regardless of whether you drained the water or not. Be warned: If there is no water, then the place will be infested with infected and a new type called Drowners. These ghouls are extremely fast and will explode if you get too close, causing a lot of damage. For those who kept the water flooded, you will want high stamina since you’ll need to lockpick everything while underwater, which can be tricky if Aiden can’t hold his breath for very long!

Regardless of which option you choose, I recommend unlocking the Nightrunner Hideouts in the north and western parts of this district. There is also a GRE Radio Tower you can liberate if you have 500 Stamina, which shows all of the underwater inhibitor containers. To find the Sunken Airdrops, go to the locations marked with the little white box and parachute icon in the image above.

These boxes will all need to be lockpicked and range in difficulty from Easy to Very Hard, so make sure to bring a lot of lockpicks. You’ll also need to manage your stamina if the area is flooded, which can be a bit annoying when you’re trying to open a box under several meters of water. To ensure you don’t drown, go back to the surface for air when you reach your last bar of stamina.

As for the gear itself, I found several armor and weapons that were at Rank 9. This is the highest player rank achievable in Dying Light 2, making some of the gear in these Sunken Airdrops the best in the game. Because of this, it’s strongly recommended you visit this area once you’ve beaten the game since you’ll want to get some top-tier items for any side quests or endgame content. That being said, the weapons will still break if used too much, so consider storing them in your player stash for when you hit Rank 9 or need to take down a boss quickly. The last thing you want is to waste the gear you just earned!

Author: Deann Hawkins