Dystopian Film Vesper Reveals Teaser Poster [EXCLUSIVE]

Dystopian Film Vesper Reveals Teaser Poster [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant can exclusively reveal the teaser poster for upcoming independent sci-fi film Vesper, which follows a teenage girl in a dystopian world.

Screen Rant has the honor to exclusively premiere the teaser poster for the upcoming film, Vesper. The independent science fiction adventure was created by filmmaking duo Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper, who previously brought the world the sensuous Lithuanian sci-fi story Vanishing Waves a decade ago. Back then, the creators won the Melies Award for Best European Fantastic Film and received four total awards at Fantastic Fest. Now they’re back with another atmospheric and stylish tale.

Vesper follows a 13-year-old girl struggling to survive with her paralyzed father after the collapse of Earth’s ecosystem. She meets a mysterious woman with a secret that forces her to use her wits, strength and bio-hacking abilities to fight for the possibility of a future. The film stars Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes), Raffiella Chapman (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children), Rosy McEwen (The Alienist), Richard Brake (Game of Thrones) and Melanie Gaydos (Insidious: The Last Key).


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When Vesper meets the odd Camellia (McEwen), she’s alone and disoriented after a jet crash. The young girl agrees to help the stranger find her companion in exchange for passage to the Citadel, a hub where oligarchs use their genetic technologies to rule. But when Vesper soon discovers that her neighbor Jonas (Marsan) may have caused the crash, she finds herself trapped in an adventure she didn’t ask for and much summon her personal resources to find a way out. Both the new poster, seen below, and the original title of Vesper Seeds point to a key component of the story deriving from nature.

Vesper Poster

Can one seed contain what it takes to renew the world, or will it cause even further destruction? Writer-directors Buozyte and Samper have crafted a tale of a dystopian future that may not reflect reality at this moment, but certainly feels like an alternate universe that’s not too far off at all.

The creative duo are joined in this European co-production by producers Asta Liukaityte and Daiva Jovaisiene (Redirected) and veteran VFX specialist and producer Alexis Perrin (Life of Pi). Buozyte’s company Natrix Natrix, French production team Rumble Fish (Cities of Last Things), and Benoit Roland’s 10.80 Films (Gangsta) from Belgium all make up the production team behind the project.

Vesper Image

While the details of Vesper’s world premiere are still under wraps, more details have been uncovered as the French release date nears. The marketing team has also not been shy about offering peeks into the dystopian world of the film, as seen above in the previously unveiled still. If Vanishing Waves is anything to go by, Vesper’s themes are sure to be as thought-provoking as its cinematography is luscious to look at.

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Vesper will be released in France on August 10, followed by US and Canada distribution through IFC Films.

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