Each Main Character’s First & Last Lines

Each Main Character's First & Last Lines

Throughout the series’ run, Veronica Mars had many complex characters with lines that stood out and made the show what it was. It’s one of the most underrated teen dramas and managed to be revived by fans, and it even had its own movie.

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There is no hiding that the show made its mark for the better. Each character matured and evolved through the many phases of Veronica Mars. The first and last lines from each character really show the characters and how much they had changed throughout the show.

Veronica Mars

“Move.” – “He Found Someone To Help Around The Office; Keep Him In Line.”

Veronica Mars

Viewers were introduced to the main character Veronica when she first appeared at Neptune High. Viewers were pulled in because they wanted to know why she was such an outcast. However, it made for one of the best opening theme songs of any teen show. Viewers see her making her way through the crowd to help Wallace off the flag pole, and she pulls out a knife, causing her classmates to disperse. Instantly, fans know she’s tough and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.


As the series goes on, Veronica deals with being an outcast and the emotional realization of her assault. She spends her time helping other people, assisting her father, and falling in love. Throughout the show, fans can’t seem to decide who they would like her to be with more. But all in all, there were many reasons why Veronica and Logan belonged together. Overall, Veronica evolves for the better and somehow remains the same headstrong main character fans love. It is the reason why fans find her to be one of the best female protagonists in a teen show.

Logan Echolls

“So Does Your Dad Think Lilly’s Dad Did This? That’s My Girlfriend, Your Friend.” – “She Always Picks Herself Up.”

Fans of the mystery show know just how much of a rollercoaster Logan and Veronica’s relationship was. At first, he tormented her and made her life miserable. However, this enemies-to-lovers couple makes it through, with many believing there were plenty of reasons Veronica belonged with him.

Logan’s last words represent Veronica, who he truly loved despite the rocky start to their relationship. Logan believed in her, and he always supported her in whatever she needed.

Keith Mars

“Hi.” – “Get A Room.”

Keith Mars in Veronica Mars

In season one, Veronica’s father wanted nothing but the best for his daughter. He wanted to see her succeed in being a normal teenager despite the tragedy they went through. In any trouble he came across, Veronica always had her father’s back and even mentions how the whole town turned on him, but she had to choose her father in the end.

By the end of the series, Keith accepts that Veronica is all grown up and must make her own decisions. He learns to support her relationships and remains the same wholesome dad that viewers of the series love. There are many quotes that prove Keith is the show’s best character.

Wallace Fennel

“You Okay?” – “Where Does He Get Off?”

Wallace Fennel in Veronica Mars

Fans of the series remember Veronica’s right-hand man, Wallace. She rescues him from their classmates taunting him in the pilot episode, and he soon becomes part of her schemes, despite his reluctance. In the pilot, he is a new student in their high school and chooses to hang out with Veronica even though she is an obvious outcast. They eventually form a friendship.

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As the series progresses, Wallace truly comes into himself by standing up for his friends and always keeping the tough situations they get into wholesome. He is strong-willed, and fans were happy to see Wallace thriving in the future with a wife and kids.

Eli “Weevil” Navarro

“My B***h!” – “You Got More Work For Me?”

Weevil is Veronica’s frenemy. The two always come to an understanding, and in the first season, which is arguably the best one of the Veronica Mars series, they make a few deals to not get in each other’s way. Weevil is a complex character in Veronica’s path and constantly finds himself in trouble.

Over time, Weevil has his moments of goodness and really cares about Veronica, but his final moments send him back to square one in the series.

Dick Casablancas

“Logan.” – “Do They Speak English In Romania?”

Dick Casablancas starts the series as a memorable antagonist. He spends most of his time in the series cracking jokes at Veronica’s expense, and he is most remembered for his offensive, and sometimes comical, remarks. Dick somehow makes it through the entire series with a positive attitude despite all the things that have happened in their town, especially with his family.

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Fans still love him, and when they see him in the final season, he hasn’t changed one bit. He is still brash and inappropriate. His relationship with Veronica seems to have matured, but their banter remains, which is for the best.

Duncan Kane

“Hey Babes, That’s Our Song.” – “Hey Lilly, Daddy’s Here. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”

Duncan Kane Season 2 Veronica Mars

For much of the beginning of the series, Duncan Kane remained a mystery. He was Veronica’s boyfriend, who broke up with her without any word and soon became a fan favorite. He didn’t last long in the series, but he remained good and supportive.

Towards the middle of the second season, he made his last appearance as a series regular. He takes his baby and escapes the police with the help of Veronica. Their love story remains open-ended, even though fans know where her heart lies toward to end of the fourth season.

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