Echoes of Mana Tips Guide

Echoes of Mana Tips Guide

Echoes of Mana, is a little different from traditional gacha releases. Instead of a turn-based game, the latest gacha game from Square Enix is a side-scrolling action game. Players control a team of three characters as they make their way throughout stages, clearing foes, and finding loot to boost their power. Despite being an RPG, there are a lot of stats and screens to get familiar with, so to help you not feel overwhelmed, here’s our list of five tips to get you going in Echoes of Mana.

Try To Get These 4-Star Units

Being a new game, there aren’t a whole lot of 4-Star units available yet — in fact, there are only seven: Angela, Sumo, Riesz, Duran, Keldric, Popoi, and Shiloh. Of these seven, the three you really want are Shiloh, Sumo, and Riesz or Popoi. Shiloh is a powerful Dark attacker, and many of the enemies in Echoes of Mana are weak to this. Sumo is a fantastic healer/tank Paladin-esque hybrid, especially if you’re just starting out and taking too many hits. Riesz is a good choice if you already have a strong Mage unit, whereas Popoi is good if you already have melee attackers and need a Mage. Both are on the flimsy side, however, and can fold like paper if you don’t dodge carefully.

In addition, there are some decent 3-Star units to help you out. Charlotte or Honeycomb are decent healer replacements if you didn’t get Sumo, and Thanatos has the ability to stun repeatedly, useful if you’re struggling on a stage. Ferrik is a handy hybrid damage-dealer, with both magic and physical skills.

Pair Properly To Procure Power Proficiently

You’ll notice in your party setup that you have a main team and a sub-team. While you can swap between members as necessary, and this is indeed required for some of the end-game stages, the sub-team primarily exists to passively support the main team, and to soak up experience for fodder leveling. When choosing pairs, make sure you pair elements together. For instance, if you have Quilto on point, make sure you pair a Light Unit with them on the sub-team to boost the ST gained. The higher the star level of the unit, the greater the boost in ST gained.

Keep in mind that your unit’s basic attacks are whatever element the unit is. Quilto’s basic attacks are all Light based, while Primm’s are all Wind based, and so on. When you equip Memory Gems that have an effect such as “On light attack, ST Gauge boost rate +10%,” that will trigger on both basic attack and skill use.

Save Your 4-Star Units And Train Your 2 and 3-Star Units

Much like other gacha games, copies of units are slammed together to empower the original in a process called “Unleashing.” Never ever throw away your 4-Star pulls, and honestly, it’s probably best that you save your 3-Star units as well. You should slot 2 and 3-Star characters as units on the sub-team to level them up alongside your main crew. This allows you to eventually Ascend them to higher star ranks, which are better used as fodder for your main party. If you collect any Knitwit Icons, make sure that you focus on them with Experience Tomes, as they require less experience overall for Ascension than regular units.

Check Your Unit’s Skills And Equip Them Accordingly

Not all units are neatly separated into rigid classes. While some like Quilto and Duran only use STR to deal damage, and others like Julius and Thanatos only use INT to deal Magic Damage, there are plenty of hybrid units that appreciate a combination of the two. Most notable is Sumo, who despite being a physical attacker appreciates INT to boost his healing capabilities. Popoi is another noteworthy mention, as even though he specializes in magic damage he also carries a physical damage skill as well.

When equipping Memory Gems and unlocking nodes on the Mana Board, make sure you grab stats that will aid your main team the most. At first the difference may seem insignificant, but it adds up over time to be a significant chunk of stats.

Gear is also important, although a little more tricky due to the randomized stats. It’s simply a matter of grinding to find gear that has the stats you need and upgrading them accordingly.

Smart AP/SP Usage Gets You Going

When starting out, it’s best to use your AP to progress as far in the story as you can. Not only does this unlock a lot of additional paths to power up your team, but it also gets you early rewards in the Bingo Event, on top of the quest rewards.

Your SP, however, is primarily used for training quests. You get three Experience Daily Allowances to use per day, and these should be spent on the highest level EXP Stage that you can clear. After expending your dailies, the next best method is auto-ing Extra Quest 1-10 on Very Hard. Not only do you have a chance of finding high level gear, it’s a one-room map, making it quick and easy to clear on auto mode.

Follow these tips and you should get well on your way to finding the Mana Sword and saving worlds long past. Best of luck, adventurers!

Author: Deann Hawkins