Elden Ring: How To Get The Blackflame Monk Set

Elden Ring: How To Get The Blackflame Monk Set

Tarnished can obtain the Blackflame Monk Set in Elden Ring by farming two specific elite mobs guarding boss rooms in Caelid and Mt. Gelmir.

The Blackflame Monk Set is a 4-piece collection of armor in Elden Ring worn by the cultist followers of the Black Flame order. The set’s pieces are forged with black iron and adorned with an ashen cloth. The chest piece shares some resemblance with the One-Eyed Shield, displaying a menacing, cycloptic face. The Blackflame Monk attire features solid magical and physical protection and serviceable resistances in Elden Ring. Unfortunately, the set does not offer any passive bonuses to Godslayer Incantations. Nevertheless, the outfit will undoubtedly suit those roleplaying a Black Flame-focused build.


As one would expect, the Blackflame Monk Set in Elden Ring drops from the Blackflame Monk mob, a humanoid enemy found in multiple locations in Elden Ring, particularly near the lairs of Godskin Bosses. Likewise, the best spots to farm this set are in the basement of the Divine Tower of Caelid and the front steps leading to the Temple of Eiglay.

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The basement of Caelid’s Divine Tower is more accessible than Volcano Manor’s temple early on in one’s playthrough. To reach this location, Tarnished must travel north of the Dragonbarrow’s Map Fragment. After ascending the tower to the interior’s entrance, players must make their way down the treacherous jump puzzle to reach the Grace Site known as the Divine Tower of Caelid: Basement. From here, a farmable Blackflame Monk can be found at the bottom of the first stairwell leading to a Godskin Apostle’s underground lair. Low-level adventurers who aren’t rushing to farm the set can cheese this elite enemy by luring it up the nearby shortcut ladder. Once it climbs to the top, kick the mob off the ledge for an instant kill.

Where To Farm The Blackflame Monk Set

Elden Ring Blackflame Monk Set Farming Locations

Alternatively, Elden Ring fans can farm another Blackflame Monk once they reach Volcano Manor of Mt. Gelmir. While exploring the manor’s exterior area, Tarnished will discover the Temple of Eiglay, the boss chamber of a Godskin Noble. A Blackflame Monk can be found guarding the staircase near the temple’s entrance. The closest Site of Grace for this farming spot is within the chapel.

Therefore, players are recommended to defeat the Godskin Noble before beginning to farm. Some Tarnished adventurers have found this location slightly better than Caelid’s Divine Tower since the Temple of Eiglay’s Blackflame Monk has its back turned to the entrance, granting an opportunity for a preemptive backstab. Nevertheless, the mob has a large HP pool, meaning it will still take several hits before going down. With enough persistence and Arcane-enhanced RNG, Elden Ring Tarnished farmers should be able to acquire the entire Blackflame Monk Set within less than an hour.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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