Elden Ring Mod Unlocks Arenas That Could Add PvP in Future DLC

Elden Ring Mod Unlocks Arenas That Could Add PvP in Future DLC

An Elden Ring player has used a mod to unlock the game’s hidden arenas that could potentially be used to add a new PvP mode in a future DLC.

An Elden Ring player has used a mod to unlock hidden arenas that could potentially be used to add a new PvP mode in a future DLC. The latest game from FromSoftware includes several multiplayer features, including Elden Ring’s new PvP and invasion systems. Players are able to either invite other players to duel, or attempt to invade the worlds of others who have opened themselves to invasion. While the system is similar to those featured in Dark Souls games, the items related to it are different and Elden Ring allows players to disallow invasions even when playing online.

Elden Ring also features a co-op mode that lets players work together to defeat the game’s challenging boss encounters. Unfortunately, similar to its PvP and invasions systems, Elden Ring’s co-op mode is still pretty limited and doesn’t make full use of the game’s open-world. Currently, co-op is restricted to certain bosses and areas in the game, as a way for friends to either help each other through a difficult encounter or just to experience fighting a boss together. However, Elden Ring’s co-op could be easily improved in the future by allowing players to explore its world together.


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YouTube channel Garden of Eyes (via GameSpot) has shared a new video showcasing the arenas they’ve gained access to through a mod or hack. The video reveals that instead of being just empty spaces, the insides of the coliseums are actually fully designed and built, suggesting there could be DLC plans in the works. The buildings are located in three of the game’s regions – North Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell Capital –  and each one features its own distinct aesthetic. According to Garden of Eyes, it’s speculated that the arenas may potentially be used as PvP dueling arenas in a future update, with the content creator noting that the lore surrounding each of the structures supports the idea.

This isn’t the first time someone has explored the interior of these unused Elden Ring arenas. Another Dark Souls modder recently hacked the game to explore and leak Elden Ring’s coliseum area. While FromSoftware has yet to respond to the leaks and hasn’t announced nor confirmed any upcoming DLC for the game, it’s unlikely that the studio would go through all the trouble of designing and building these structures if it doesn’t have any plans to unlock them in the future.

It’s great to see that FromSoftware may have more content planned for Elden Ring beyond the plethora the game already has. Whether the arenas end up being used for a new PvP mode, full DLC, or something else entirely, more Elden Ring content will definitely be welcomed by the game’s many fans.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Source: Garden of Eyes/YouTube (via GameSpot)

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