Elden Ring Player Creates Hobbits Frodo & Sam, Takes Them On Adventure

Elden Ring Player Creates Hobbits Frodo & Sam, Takes Them On Adventure

A TikTok montage shows Elden Ring players as Hobbits Frodo and Sam journeying across the Lands Between, recreating iconic Lord of the Rings moments.

For a recent Elden Ring adventure, a pair of Tarnished players decided to recreate the iconic Hobbits Frodo and Sam from the Lord of the Rings, embarking on a journey across the Lands Between. FromSoftware’s open-world title released two months ago, and Elden Ring players including WWE superstar Randy Orton have invested hundreds of hours into the game discovering everything it has to offer.

The character creation tools in Elden Ring are one of the most extensive in a Souls-like title to date, and players who dedicate themselves to mastering the system have managed to create some surprisingly detailed results. Beyond recreating many of the NPCs found throughout the Lands Between, a lot of recognizable characters from other intellectual properties have made their way to FromSoftware’s latest world thanks to the character creator. One pair of players even used the tool in an incredibly meta way by making and cosplaying as Elden Ring’s creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and writer George R. R. Martin.


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In a video from TikTok user p1cklel0verr (via Game Rant), later shared in a viral Twitter post from SassySony, the video montage shows the two Hobbits Frodo and Sam trekking across the Lands Between, all while recreating classic story moments from Lord of the Rings with an Elden Ring twist. Certain enemies such as the Night’s Cavalry or Grafted Scion are substitutes for the Ringwraiths and Shelob the spider respectively, as well as certain locations standing in for similar counterparts found in Middle Earth. Even the Frenzy-Flame Tower is used as Barad-dur with the flame itself serving as the Eye of Sauron.

Watch the full Frodo and Sam adventure on TikTok here.

Frodo and Sam are not the first Middle Earth characters to be represented in-game as Gandalf the Grey was made in Elden Ring by another dedicated player and Lord of the Rings fan. The recreation of the iconic wizard has an in-depth step-by-step tutorial on how to adjust the character creator sliders in order for others to duplicate the look. Other players have done similar walkthroughs for many of their other Elden Ring creations, bringing the two fantasy worlds to life.

Even though many players have put hundreds of hours into the Lands Between, there are still those that are managing to find new ways to experience Elden Ring, just as p1cklel0verr has done with their in-game LOTR recreation. FromSoftware’s game allows for diverse replay opportunities thanks to the sheer amount of content, as well as options like it character creator. As such, it seems it was only a matter of time before the likes of Lord of the Rings got an extensive tribute in Elden Ring.

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Source: p1cklel0verr/TikTok (via Game Rant), SassySony/Twitter

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