Elden Ring Ranni’s Outfit Guide

Elden Ring Ranni's Outfit Guide

Developer FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is finally available! Set in a gorgeously haunting setting, this dark fantasy blends together the backbreaking brutality the studio is known for with the open-world freedom of titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Players are free to explore dungeons, battle bosses, complete side quests, or just roam the countryside on their trusty steed.

Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of weapons and armor pieces you can collect throughout The Lands Between. One of these is the Snow Witch armor set, which is the outfit worn by Ranni, the woman who initially teaches you how to summon. Getting this armor will take a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking to use a cold magic build.

Here’s how to complete Ranni’s quest and unlock the Snow Armor:

How to Get the Snow Witch Armor

1. Go to Ranni’s Rise

In order to start Ranni’s quest, you need to fight your way to Ranni’s rise in the far northern section of Liurnia. The only way to access this is by making your way through the Caria Manor and defeating the boss at the end. Once the boss is defeated, exit outside via the door by the Royal Moongazing Grounds site of grace. Head towards the tower (circled above) and fight the dragon guarding the entrance.

Don’t worry, this dragon will fly away once it hits about half health and primarily focuses on ranged attacks. Because of this, focus on hit-and-run moves while staying behind it to ensure the magical fire doesn’t instantly kill you. After defeating the dragon, go inside of the tower, ignite the site of grace, and go upstairs.

2. Speak to Ranni and Her Followers

Once you reach the top, talk to Ranni. Exhaust all dialogue options and agree to “Serve Ranni the Witch” when prompted. After speaking to her some more, she will inform you that you need to go to the hidden city of Nokron for her treasure. Before you can even do this, go around the tower and talk to the different ghost-looking NPCs that appear. After exhausting the dialogue for each one, return to Ranni and speak to her once again. She will now let you leave her tower.

3. Kill Starscourge Radan

Your next major step is to kill Starscourge Radan, who is a pretty difficult boss located in the southeast corner of Caelid. Despite the castle’s appearance, there’s actually a minimal number of enemies inside. Make your way inside until you reach a large open courtyard where Ranni’s half-wolf ally, Blaidd, is hanging out. Speak to him to learn that he’s here to help you kill Radan and participate in the festival. Go up to the podium and speak to the other NPC, who will explain what happened to Radan.

After the cutscene plays, take the elevator down to the desert and then go through the portal. This will warp you to the arena where Radan is and let you fight this boss. Radan is a difficult fight, mainly due to the sheer power of his ranged abilities and how they can track your movements. Because of this, make sure to summon all the allies in the area you can. They will draw Radan’s aggro and give you some needed breathing room during the battle.

4. Go to the Eternal City of Nokron

After Radan is defeated, another cutscene will play where your Tarnished watches a meteor crash into the ground. Speak to Blaidd after the fight and then fast travel to Fort Haight West before heading north. You will see a massive crater in the woods close to this site of grace with the doorway now accessible thanks to Ranni. Enter the city via this door and ride the elevator down until you reach this massive, unground location.


5. Find Ranni’s Treasure in Nokron

When you arrive in Nokron, you will have a fairly linear path to start. You will fight across rooftops and in a large courtyard until you reach the Mimic boss fight. This enemy will copy exactly what you currently have equipped, but he’s actually not that difficult unless your build is extremely overleveled. This will bring you to site of grace number two, so head north across the bridge until you see a bunch of rubble that forms a hill. This hill leads down to a valley filled with minotaur enemies.

Ignore the minotaurs and ride Torrent along the left side until you find the third site of grace at the top of the hill. Dismount Torrent, ignite the site of grace, and then make your way to the cliff. It’s time to show off your free-running skills, as you’ll need to traverse the rooftops of Nokron. This isn’t too difficult, although some of the silver blob enemies will transform into fake Tarnished, which can do a lot of damage if their combo attacks land.

Proceed along the roofs until you reach what appears to be a large church with a big sentient bolder on the ground floor. Use ranged attacks to destroy the bolder, jump down, and head outside. To your left, you’ll see the fourth site of grace.

From this site of grace, you will be facing down a lot of silver blob enemies. Quickly kill them before they can transform, but do not attack the ones beyond the large archway just yet. Call your summon and used range attacks on the last few. One of these blobs will transform into a massive giant, which is the last enemy standing in your way. After you slay this large foe, make your way up the stairs and open the chest in the room at the top. This is Ranni’s treasure, so you can now leave the Eternal City of Nokron.

6. Return to Ranni

After you acquire the treasure, fast travel back to Ranni’s Rise and speak to her. Exhausting all the dialogue options will reward you with an odd device that allows you to manipulate the Carian Study Hall tower.

7. Invert the Carian Study Hall

Approach the altar inside the tower and place the object Ranni gave you onto it. You’ll get a small cutscene of the entire tower shifting upside down. Go through the doors beyond the altar and get ready for a slightly trippy experience. There are a few different enemies here, most notably a bunch of those finger spiders and a Tarnished mage who does a comical amount of ranged damage. The latter will be a thorn in your side, so try to get close as this enemy lacks any real melee attacks.

Continue through the tower until you are jumping along the top of upside-down chandeliers. You should see a wooden platform below with a pressure plate in the middle. Stand on the pressure plate to ride the elevator down, open the doors, and ignite the site of grace at the start of the bridge. Hop on Torrent and ride down the bridge towards the other spire. Push open the doors to the spire, ride the elevator up, and then go to the roof. You will earn an item called the Cursemark of Death.

8. Go to Renna’s Rise

Whew, still with me? Fast travel all the way back to Renni’s Rise and then exit the tower. You will be going north to the other tower called Renna’s Rise. There won’t be any enemies guarding it, so make your way inside towards the elevator.

Ride it up to the next floor, turn around, and open the chest along the wall. Inside the chest will be the Snow Witch armor set. Ranni’s quest isn’t done yet, but it’s up to you if you want to complete it. For now, you can just rock her outfit and enjoy the boost it gives to your ice magic.

Author: Deann Hawkins