Elden Ring: Where To Find The Godskin Prayerbook

Elden Ring: Where To Find The Godskin Prayerbook

Elden Ring players can wield powerful magic to deal damage to foes, and the Godskin Prayerbook unlocks life-sapping Black Flame Incantations.

Elden Ring’s magic has proven to be one of the most powerful forces in the Lands Between, and players can learn useful Incantation spells from Prayerbooks like the Godskin Prayerbook. The Godskin Prayerbook can be given to a “learned cleric” in order to unlock the ability to purchase new Godskin Apostle Incantations. There are only two of these cleric NPCs in the Lands Between, but since both of them are easy to find, players will be able to learn plenty of Incantations from them during their adventure.

The first learned cleric Elden Ring players will likely meet is Brother Corhyn, who can be found near the main Site of Grace in Roundtable Hold. However, once players reach the Church of Vows in the Liurnia of the Lakes region, they’ll be able to learn Incantations and Sorceries from Miriel, Paster of Vows as well. Each of these vendors will have a few basic spells for sale at first, but they’ll offer new Incantations each time players bring them a new Prayerbook.


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The Godskin Prayerbook can be used to unlock Elden Ring’s “Black Flame” and “Black Flame Blade” Incantations. “Black Flame” allows the caster to hurl a black flame fireball at foes, and charging this attack will cause the fireball to explode and deal more damage. “Black Flame Blade” is a buff that enchants the caster’s weapon with black flame, increasing its damage and sapping enemy HP for a short time after they’re struck. This buff doesn’t last long, but it’s quick to cast and can be used repeatedly without delay as part of a combo attack.

Elden Ring – How To Get The Godskin Prayerbook & Godslayer’s Seal

The Godskin Prayerbook can be found in Elden Ring's Stormveil Castle.

The Godskin Prayerbook can be found inside Elden Ring’s Stormveil Castle in West Limgrave. From the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, players can jump down the roofs to the east until reaching the courtyard below. This will put them right in front of the door to a cellar. After fighting the rats inside, players can use a Stonesword Key to pass through the fog gate and into the next room. The Godskin Prayerbook will be in the chest to the right. Alternatively, players can reach the cellar through the courtyard just outside the Liftside Tower Site of Grace. However, many enemies in this courtyard will pursue the player into the cellar, and the rooftop route will let players avoid this potentially difficult fight.

However, before Elden Ring players leave Stormveil Castle, they should be sure to pick up the Godslayer’s Seal in the room’s other chest. The Godslayer Seal buffs the power of Godskin Apostle Incantations, including the “Black Flame” and “Black Flame Blade” spells that are unlocked with the Godskin Prayerbook. Since these Incantations also deal fire damage, they can be buffed even further with the Fire-Scorpion Charm and the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear.

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Elden Ring is available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S.

Elden Ring How To Get The Magic Scorpion Charm

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