Elden Ring Will Be Available On PC Before Console In Some Regions

Elden Ring Will Be Available On PC Before Console In Some Regions

According to Elden Ring’s release schedule, some PC fans will be able to play the game earlier than consoles gamers depending on where they live.

As the release date for Elden Ring edges closer, fans worldwide now know precisely what time the game will become available to play, and some gamers will be able to play it before others. The next game from developer FromSoftware was first teased during E3 2019 as an open-world game from the mind of Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin. Fans received no more information after the game’s mysterious announcement trailer until the summer of 2021. The significant time gap with no updates led many fans to create their own Elden Ring lore, bosses, and playable demo using ideas of what they hoped to see in the game. The world finally received more Elden Ring details last summer, and what was shown caused fans’ anticipation to grow even more.


A lucky bunch of fans was able to test Elden Ring out during last November’s Network Test, which allowed randomly selected fans to play a few hours of an early build of the game. The small taste of the new game proved to fans that FromSoftware is using lessons learned from previous releases to make Elden Ring their best game yet. For the last two years, The Game Awards have seen Elden Ring win the Most Anticipated Game award. After years of waiting, players know exactly when the game will be playable across the planet.

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Many Elden Ring fans worldwide will be able to play the entire game early, according to the global release schedule posted on Elden Ring’s Twitter. The picture below lays out what time Elden Ring will be playable across every time zone. Console and PC players will see the game releasing at different times depending on which platform one hopes to play the game on.

Games created by FromSoftware often require players to memorize complex levels and enemy movesets to complete. Lessons learned from playing games like Dark Souls, and Bloodborne encourage players to approach difficult tasks and learn to not lose enthusiasm after failing until victory is achieved. Hopefully, these lessons engrained into fans will help the wait for Elden Ring be a little more bearable. However, certain fans were willing to pay scalpers up to $300 to play Elden Ring’s Network Test back in November. It will not be surprising to know if certain fans have already bought a plane ticket to the Pacific time zone to play Elden Ring as soon as possible.

The long wait for Elden Ring is almost at an end. Many fans have felt like they have waited forever thanks to FromSoftware’s lack of updates after the game’s announcement in 2019. Recent issues with the developer’s multiplayer servers scared players that the game could see another delay. Doubts were cast aside after the developer announced Elden Ring would launch on time and with the proper security. While some fans are unsure if the game will be able to live up to its hype, others are anxious to finally see what Elden Ring has in store when it releases later this week.

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Elden Ring releases February 24th and 25th on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Sources: Elden Ring/Twitter

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