Encanto Director Reveals Disney Movie Actually Contains Two Miracles

Encanto Director Reveals Disney Movie Actually Contains Two Miracles

Encanto director Jared Bush reveals the Disney animated hit movie actually contains two Madrigal miracles, and hints at what this means for Encanto 2.

Encanto director Jared Bush confirms that the movie actually contains two miracles. The Walt Disney Animation Studios project released theatrically in November, and while it received positive notices from critics, it underperformed during its time at the box office. Everything changed when Encanto hit Disney+ in December, however, and the Disney movie has grown to become one of their biggest hits in a decade.

Encanto revolves around the Madrigal family, whose matriarch, Alma, was bestowed a miracle that protected her children and has granted a magical gift on each new Madrigal – save the movie’s protagonist, Mirabel. As the narrative progresses, that miracle is revealed to be dangerously waning, and a blowout argument between Mirabel and Abuela causes the latter’s candle to finally go out. But, ultimately, after the family is able to come together and rebuild their home, the Madrigal magic returns, restoring each person’s gift and bringing their Casita back to life.


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While fans might have assumed this ending meant the restoration of Abuela’s original miracle, it appears the situation wasn’t so simple. Addressing fans on Twitter, Bush reveals that the rush of magic when Mirabel takes hold of the new doorknob is actually a second miracle, born of the same love for family that created its predecessor. The Encanto director confirms this influenced the Casita’s new look, and hints that more changes could be explored in the next installment, should it ever be officially announced. Check out Bush’s original post below:

Last tweet: I promised a secret if you found it. There are TWO miracles in #Encanto: Abuela’s, born of love for family, embodied by her candle, flame-colored magic, the 2nd: Mirabel’s, born of the same, embodied in casita, its colors… everyone’s. What’s next…I hope we’ll see.🦋 pic.twitter.com/05qNs3Uyez

— Jared Bush (@thejaredbush) March 23, 2022

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The director’s reveal is a significant one for viewers, as it essentially confirms Mirabel is the new Abuela, a longstanding Encanto fan theory that has sought to explain why her Gift Ceremony left her without a power. While that theory usually positions the protagonist as destined to take over the family someday, the fact that this second miracle is entirely Mirabel’s suggests she has already done so, which explains why the front-door carving places her front-and-center. And, as Bush hints at in his tweet, this distinction has significant consequences for any potential Encanto 2.

While Encanto’s last scene shows the Madrigals’ gifts have returned, the fact that they are powered by a new miracle could mean they are fundamentally different than they were before, perhaps informed by the way Mirabel understands what they need to be happy. The room doors, which previously featured designs that reflected the gifts of their occupants, haven’t settled into any such image by the movie’s conclusion, perhaps supporting this possibility. Regardless, Madrigal life under Mirabel’s miracle opens a number of interesting Encanto 2 storylines, which should only make the fanbase’s desire for a sequel confirmation more pressing.

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