Euphoria: Maddy’s Most Iconic Quotes

Euphoria: Maddy's Most Iconic Quotes

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the HBO show Euphoria, as well as misogynistic language, and discussions of abuse and homophobia.

Maddy Perez from Euphoria is utterly iconic in more ways than one. She has a wardrobe that can kill, a brilliant sense of humor, and an abundance of confidence in herself that some people spend their whole lives yearning to achieve. Her playful attitude and bold actions make Maddy one of the most lovable characters in television history.

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Maddy isn’t afraid to be true to herself and she doesn’t have time to be modest – she knows her greatness, and she doesn’t shy away from it. She instead wears it like a (rhinestoned) badge of honor. This glamorous chili pot-throwing baddie deserves all the attention she can get, which is why it’s not surprising that fans can’t stop repeating her most memorable lines on the show.


Updated on March 10th, 2022 by Hannah Saab: Maddy’s storyline has just gotten better (and a lot wilder) in season 2, and she has left fans with more unforgettable quotes from the teenager. While Maddy’s best quotes in Euphoria are often witty insults or comebacks, some of her iconic lines also reveal her more vulnerable and thoughtful side, which viewers will hopefully see more of in future episodes.

“Your Whole Family Is So F*****g Weird.”

During the finale of season 1 Euphoria, Maddy decided that enough was enough. When it came to Nate Jacobs and his wacky dad, their anger issues were entering dangerous territory in Maddy’s life, and she came to the conclusion that she wanted nothing to do with their family.

Both Nate and Cal Jacobs suffered from toxic masculinity and they both felt as though they had to suppress their emotions. Bottling up feelings, especially feelings of anger, is never ideal – it will only lead to explosive behavior in the long run, which is exactly what happens with Nate. Maddy finally realizes that this is a toxic environment, and as much as she used to love Nate, she knows that she shouldn’t be around this family – their breakup unfortunately doesn’t last too long.

“B***h, You’re My Soulmate.”

Sometimes soul mates aren’t romantic partners and are instead best friends. Maddy says this to Cassie at the carnival, when Cassie admits to her BFF that she’s “never not gone through someone’s phone.” At this point, Maddy is concerned with Nate’s behavior and she thinks he’s cheating on her – images from his phone lead this to be a strong possibility.

Cassie’s shameless response ensures their everlasting friendship because Cassie is able to make Maddy laugh even when she’s severely stressed out over the situation. Sometimes the best friendships are the ones where friends can make each other forget about their issues for a short amount of time and instead make us feel good and justified about our actions in a humorous way.

“She Never Really Had Any Desire To Have A Career Or Job.”

Although this isn’t a direct quote from Maddy herself, it is about her, and it is an essential line to describe Maddy’s personality. She fantasizes about living a luxurious lifestyle filled with lobster dinners and fur coats that are worn in her favorite movies.

Maddy knows exactly what she wants, and she carries no shame in trying to get it. It’s no wonder she has become a fan favorite, as no one else has quite the same level of confidence and self-assurance that she carries.

“Do You Think My Areolas Look Weird?”

Here is yet another shimmering example of how shamelessly confident (and hilarious) Maddy from Euphoria is. Once upon a time, women were taught to exude modesty as a virtue so they wouldn’t come across as self-assured. A woman who is able to say what’s on her mind is reprimanded by society, but Maddy will not succumb to these strict gender rules.

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She says whatever random thought springs to her mind, and she couldn’t care less if other people don’t like it. It’s who she is, and she won’t step down in order to be more socially appropriate.

“We Don’t Eat Carbs!”

Maddy says this during the fair after the guy working the pretzel stand asks if he can take their order. The surprisingly young kid who’s working the pretzel stand is also the town drug dealer, and he hides the drugs in the pretzels.

It takes a while for Maddy to catch onto this, but the line itself is just so hilarious because Maddy’s way of life is just so funny to witness. With this quote, she comes across as the stereotypical popular girl who cares deeply about her self-image, yet fans all know there is so much more to her than that.

“I’m Not Supposed To Be Here Right Now Because I’m Dressed Like A Hooker.”

Maddy says this to the Jacobs family when they’re working at the chili stand. Maddy’s wearing an outfit that’s not exactly formal, and Nate shames her for it, comparing her to a hooker. Yet instead of changing into more modest clothes as Nate tells her to do, she instead decides that it would be more productive to cause a scene.

One of the funniest moments in the entire HBO series is when Maddy takes the pot of chili that Cal had worked so hard on, and throws the entire pot to the ground. Yes, on purpose. It’s just how Maddy rolls.

“First Of All, Ew. Second Of All, Ew.”

Maddy says this when she sees Nate at the school dance as he dancing with another girl. Not only is she disgusted by Nate at this point, but she is also grossed out by his current efforts to try and make Maddy jealous.

Unfortunately, his actions are successful and she ends up storming towards a group of guys, asking if they want to dance with her so she can make him jealous in return. It ends up working, and he storms off the dance floor once he sees Maddy with another guy.

“Kissing Is Worse. It’s So Much More Intimate.”

Cassie admits to the girls that she made out with Daniel while she was in a relationship with McKay, which she apparently regularly does. They did not go any further than kissing because Cassie would feel too guilty, even though she and McKay were facing many challenges in their relationship.

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Maddy tells Cassie that kissing another guy is worse than sleeping with him because kissing is more romantic and intimate. It’s a unique perspective that gives fans more insight into how her mind works when it comes to relationships.

“I’m Just Saying, Love Is A Million Things.”

Maddy tells her friends that love is a million things. She says sometimes it can make you feel amazing, and sometimes it can wind up making you feel terrible. This is clear as day when it comes to her relationship with Nate, which winds up becoming abusive and toxic in every way imaginable.

As Maddy eventually learns the hard way, love shouldn’t have to make you feel terrible. That’s just not a healthy mindset to have. Solid relationships involve two partners who want to lift each other up rather than tear each other down.

“The Universe Is Just Out Here Giving Zero F***s.”

Maddy says this hilarious dose of wisdom while on the Ferris wheel with Cassie. Essentially, what she is saying is that no matter how big one’s problems get, they aren’t as significant as one might think they are in the grand scheme of things.

Even when things get so bad in one’s own life that they think they can never come back from their struggles, there are always opportunities to recover. The universe will forgive, so it shouldn’t be impossible for people to be kinder and more gracious to themselves.

“There’s A Difference Between What You Think You Should Want And What You Actually Want.”

After Kat finally admits to Maddy that she “can’t f*****g stand Ethan,” viewers get a glimpse into Maddy’s more thoughtful and supportive side. She reminds her friend that it’s okay to get what she actually wants and not just follow what people expect her to do.

It doesn’t matter that everyone else sees her relationship with Ethan as flawless and picture-perfect if she isn’t happy with him. It makes sense that Maddy would feel this way about her issue, as she has always tried to stay true to herself.

“Everyone Feels Stupid, So What?”

euphoria season 2 maddy alexa demie

A heartwarming moment between Lexi and Maddy show’s a surprisingly vulnerable aspect of the badass character’s personality. When Lexi confesses that she feels “stupid” with makeup on, Maddy reminds her that’s how everyone feels before confidently explaining that “90% of life is confidence,” and no one can tell if it’s real or not anyway.

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Maddy even goes so far as to admit that she once also felt that way about herself, which is almost impossible to imagine given how she acts today. She just “chose not to feel stupid,” which is certainly easier said than done, but is achievable for those like her who try their best.

“It’s Not Like Anyone’s 100% Straight Or 100% Gay.”

Maddy schools Nate on gender and identity when she attempts to explain to him how “sexuality is a spectrum” after confronting him about explicit photos she found on his phone. Unfortunately, her well-meaning words only offend Nate, whose deep-rooted homophobia won’t allow him to see Maddy’s point.

There’s still no clear explanation about why those photos were on Nate’s phone in the first place, and it’s safe to say fans won’t be getting any clarity until he resolves his issues. Until he can have a serious conversation without exploding with anger, it’s best for characters like Maddy to steer clear of the jock.

“I’ll Never Find That Kind Of Love – There’s Just No Darkness, It’s Just Sweet. I Don’t Know If That Would Ever Be Enough For Me.”

Kat looks at Ethan in Euphoria

Maddy’s painful past seeing her parents treat each other the way they do has likely affected the way she sees romantic relationships. When she comments on Kat and Ethan’s romance and its lack of darkness, it’s impossible to miss the hurt and longing in her voice.

Since her mom and dad set a terrible example for her, she thinks that it’s okay to have “darkness” in a partnership. Her case is arguably much worse, though, which is why fans desperately want her to escape the abusive relationship.

“Don’t Worry. This Is Just The Beginning”

Euphoria Season 2 Finale Maddy This Just Beginning Meaning

The chaotic riot in the middle of Lexi’s play ends up as a physical fight between Cassie and Maddy, as the two hash out their issues with their fists instead of their words. After they find themselves tired and panting in the bathroom, Cassie admits that Nate ended their relationship after walking out on what he called a “homophobic” play.

Maddy’s ominous promise about it being “just the beginning” could mean several things. She could be alluding to how she and Nate were always an on-and-off couple, or she could also be talking about all the hurt Cassie will eventually have to deal with if she stays with him. Either way, it’s a warning that Cassie should (but probably won’t) take seriously.

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