Every Fishing Spot Location in V Rising

Every Fishing Spot Location in V Rising

Fishing is an important aspect of V Rising, as players can fish for materials and food. Here’s where to find every fishing spots in the game.

Fishing is an important aspect of V Rising, as players can fish for crucial materials and food sources. In the survival game V Rising, players get to awaken as a vampire, and spend their time hunting on humans in nearby settlements to gain strength and survive. However, when the player wants a break from causing chaos, fishing is a great way to change up the pace and obtain new materials.

There are 15 total fishing spots in V Rising, spread out amongst the various regions of the game. Players can fish at Farbane Woods, Hallowed Mountains, Silverlight Hills, and Dunley Farmlands. Each of these areas has multiple fishing spots that players can stop to fish at.


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Before players can fish, they’ll need to craft a Fishing Rod. This item is unlocked once players defeat Rufus the Foreman, after which they’ll unlock the recipe for the Fishing Rod, as well as the Woodwork Bench, which they can use to craft it. Players will need 8 Planks, 4 Course Threads, and 4 Copper Ingots to craft the recipe. While mining for Copper, players can also harvest iron in V Rising, which is important for many other crafting recipes.

All Fishing Spots in V Rising

V Rising All Fishing Spots Silverlight Hills

In Farbane Woods, there are 6 different fishing stops players can find. There are two fishing spots in the same lake above the word “Farbane” when looking at the map. At the lake directly across the bridge left of the word “Farbane”, there is also a fishing spot. Another spot can be found at the large lake below the word “Woods” on the map, and the next fishing spot is located at the closest lake to the east. The final spot is located at the southern end of the area from the center of the region.

The Hallowed Mountains is located northwest of Farbane Woods, and it only has two fishing spots. To get between areas on the map faster, V Rising players may want to find a horse mount to travel between regions with ease. The fishing spots here can be found in the top northeast corner of the map, at a lake at the base of a mountain. This area is extremely mountainous, which makes it a bit difficult to traverse, so players may have better luck looking elsewhere if they’re struggling to find the fishing spots here.

Silverlight Hills is located northeast of Farbane Islands, and has five different fishing spots. The first one is located at the end of the river that connects to the western ocean, in the large pond. The next is in the large lake south of the previous fishing spot. The last three fishing spots are next to each other in the same pond at the southernmost point of the region.

Finally, players can find two different fishing spots at Dunley Farmlands, located at the northern part of the map. If players get injured while traveling between these areas, they should learn how to repair gear in V Rising to stay prepared. The first fishing spot here can be found at the small lake directly north of the center farmland, while the next spot can be found at the lake directly east of the central farmland (in between two mounds on the map). These are all the fishing spots in the game, that players can stop at during their travels.

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V Rising is available on PC.

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