Every Legendary Gem (& Where to Find Them)

Every Legendary Gem (& Where to Find Them)

Diablo Immortal has a total of 32 Legendary Gems with unique bonuses and star ratings, and there are a few different ways to acquire them.

Legendary Gems are vital for strengthening a character to create a top build in Diablo Immortal, and there are different ways to obtain them. Each jewel has a unique ability that affects damage, life, defense, and other aspects of combat. Legendary Gems also have different star ratings and ranks to unlock that grant additional skills or buffs. Not every gem will be suited for every character or build, but a lot of the Legendary Gems have abilities that most classes can benefit from.

In order to obtain a Legendary Gem, players will need to complete Elder Rifts with Legendary Crests, join a party that’s running an Elder Rift with Legendary Crests, craft it with Runes, buy one from the Market, or purchase one from the Hilts trader. Additionally, players will receive different Legendary Gems for ranking up Diablo Immortal’s Empowered Battle Pass. Only one Legendary Gem can be earned in the free version of the Battle Pass, and it’s awarded for reaching the max rank of 40.


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Legendary Gems are guaranteed to drop when using a Legendary Crest, but they can’t be sold at the Market. For players that want to be able to sell Elder Rift Legendary Gems at the Market, Eternal Legendary Crests need to be used. These crests can only be purchased in the shop with Eternal Orbs, which require real money to obtain. However, players can also acquire sellable Legendary Gems for free by crafting a random one using FA Runes at the Apprentice Jeweler. Additional Runes can be purchased from the Rune vendor using Fading Ember, a material awarded for completing Elder Rifts regardless of whether or not a crest is used. Being able to acquire, sell, and upgrade Legendary Gems is crucial to building a maxed-out character in Diablo Immortal.

Every Legendary Gem Ability & Star Rating In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Every Legendary Gem & Where to Find Them Five Star Gems

Battleguard (Two-star): Decreases melee damage taken from enemies within three yards by 8%Berserker’s Eye (One-star): Increases damage dealt by 5.5% and damage taken by 5%Blessing of the Worthy (Five-star): Taking damage grants a 20% chance to unleash retribution, dealing damage equal to 12% of the character’s maximum life, but it cannot occur more than once every 20 secondsBlood-Soaked Jade (Five-star): Increases damage by 8% and movement speed by 10%, but the damage bonus decreases to a minimum of 4% when life is loweredBloody Reach (Two-star): Increases damage by 2%, and up to 8%, for every two yards between the player and the enemy hitBottled Hope (Five-star): Using skills in Diablo Immortal that grant buffs increases the target’s damage and movement speed by 8% for six seconds, but it cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds per targetCa’Arsen’s Invigoration (One-star): Increases primary attack speed by 6%Chained Death (One-star): Increases damage by 1.5% per hit target for up to 4.5% within three targetsChip of Stoned Flesh (Five-star): Causing loss of control will also apply an explosive curse that causes the enemy to explode for up to 150% base damage based on the damage taken while cursed, but it cannot occur more than once every 20 secondsCutthroat’s Grin (Two-star): Increases Critical Hit chance by 8% when attacking from behindDefiant Soul (One-star): Blocking an attack deals 64% base damage and 777 additional damage to all nearby enemies, but it cannot occur more than once every 20 secondsEchoing Shade (Five-star): Attacks have a 15% chance to summon a shadow clone for eight secondsEverlasting Torment (One-star): Critical hits inflict agony, dealing 10% base damage and 122 additional damage every second for six seconds, but this skill in Diablo Immortal cannot occur more than once every 20 secondsFervent Fang (Two-star): When damage is dealt to an enemy, they take 0.8% increased damage from attacks, and there’s a maximum of 8% increased damageFollower’s Burden (Two-star): Increases damage by 1% for every summon controlled and can reach up to 6%Freedom and Devotion (One-star): Increases duration of summons by 8%Howler’s Call (Five-star): Every 20 seconds, primary attacks have a chance to summon a charging spirit wolf that deals 150% base damage and 1458 additinal damage to all enemies in its pathLightning Core (Two-star):Primary attacks and movement speed charge with electricity, and, when fully charged, it will release chain lightning dealing 90% base damage and 1,134 additional damage to nearby enemies, but it cannot occur more than once every 20 secondsMocking Laughter (One-star): Primary attacks force non-Elites to attack for two secondsNightmare Wreath (One-star): Grants a 10% chance for nearby enemies to flee when one is killed, but this Diablo Immortal skill cannot occur more than once every 20 secondsPain of Subjugation (One-star): Damage to enemies suffering loss of control is increased by 5.5%Phoenix Ashes (Five-star): Every 180 seconds, fatal damage can be prevented and player’s will gain a shield that absorbs up to 450% of their base damagePower Command (Two-star): Power state increases primary attack damage by 8%, Command state increases all other damage by 8%, and states change every nine secondsRespite Stone (One-star): Decreases damage taken by 0.55% for every 10% below maximum life and can reach up to 5.5%Seeping Bile (Five-star): Gain a 4% chance to poison enemies, inflicting 25% base damage and 263 additional damage every second for six seconds, but it cannot occur more than once every 20 secondsSeled’s Weakening (One-star): Increases damage by 6% after an Elite monster is killed, which benefits any class in Diablo ImmortalThe Black Rose (One-star): When attacked, gain a 10% chance to summon vines that immobilize the attacker for 1.5 seconds, but it cannot affect an enemy more than once every 12 secondsThe Hunger (Two-star): Heals for 40% base damage and 567 life when an enemy is defeated, but it cannot occur more than once every 20 secondsTrickshot Gem (One-star): Channeled skills consume energy 8% slowerUnity Crystal (Two-star): Reduces damage by 0.5% for every party member within six yardsZod Stone (One-star): Increases the duration of Ultimate Skills by 16%Zwenson’s Haunting (Five-star):Once every six seconds, defeat an enemy to summon a dark beast that deals 50% base damage and 486 additional damage to all nearby enemies

How To Upgrade Legendary Gems In Diablo Immortal

Legendary Gems maintain the same star rating, but the rank can be increased by infusing them with gem fragments or duplicates. Legendary Gem upgrades in Diablo Immortal can be completed by visiting the Apprentice Jeweler in Westmarch and selecting the Manage tab. After choosing which Legendary Gem to upgrade, players can select other gems to break down for fragments. Legendary Gems can reach rank 10 and will require more fragments for each new level. Some will require duplicate Legendary Gems to reach higher ranks. Obtaining and upgrading Legendary Gems is an essential part of the endgame grind in Diablo Immortal, so players should carefully consider which gems they want to keep, rank up, or sell as they acquire more.

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Diablo Immortal is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

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