Every Recruitable Bonus Character, Ranked

Every Recruitable Bonus Character, Ranked

Many consider the recently-released Triangle Strategy to be the spiritual successor of the hit game Final Fantasy Tactics. In Square Enix’s latest offering, a prince named Serenoa Wolffort is tasked with settling an inter-kingdom dispute with the help of powerful and magical companions that each possesses unique abilities and backstories.

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Triangle Strategy’s compelling narrative, clever combat, and well-designed characters have captivated fans of tactical RPG games, but for players to successfully beat the game, it is critical that they understand the differences between the many recruitable characters that appear on the map when certain conditions are met. While all of them have some value, certain recruitable characters stand above the rest.

14 Hossabara

Many Triangle Strategy fans agree that Hossabara is the worst recruitable character in the game, despite having decent stats and the ability to heal her teammates. The main reason for Hossabara’s unpopularity is her inability to become an expert in a specific role.

Triangle Strategy gamers who are interested in adding Hossabara to their party can recruit the character through the character stories in chapter 5 and by finishing a couple of important mock bottles in Encampment.

13 Giovanna

As one of the last recruitable side characters in the game, players expect Giovanna to have powerful and advantageous abilities. However, her geomancer abilities fail to live up to the hype as her powers and spells vary depending on the type of terrain her character stands on. This lack of consistency makes her hard to rely on.

Gamers adore Giovanna for her top-tier magic defense and movement, but her conditional skills make her extremely unreliable in most battles. Giovanna can be recruited once the player gains 1600 Liberty.


12 Jens

Triangle Strategy successfully establishes itself as one of the best modern JRPG games for 2022 thanks to its wide selection of tactical characters. With the melee utility character Jens, players need to be extra strategic and only use him for very specific situations.

Despite having useful traps and ladders in his arsenal, Jens has low speed, strength, and defense, making him one of the worst-performing warriors in the game. He can be unlocked once the player reaches 500 Morality or 400 Liberty.

11 Piccoletta

In Piccoletta’s story mission, it is revealed that she was orphaned by war and professes that the traveling circus troupe she belongs to is her family. Piccoletta suffers from having mediocre physical attacks, but her decoy abilities make her a sought-after character by Triangle Strategy players.

While Piccoletta’s great at targeting enemies in tall maps, Triangle Strategy does not often feature tall maps during its main campaign. Piccoletta reveals herself to the player once 450 Liberty is attained.

10 Julio

Julio is a minister’s aide in service to the crown. Aside from having superb clerical abilities, Julio proves his worth to the player’s party by providing tactical points to his allies while lowering the tactical points of the enemies.

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Because of the effect he has on the party’s overall TP, he is a great playable supporting character in this RPG and is best paired with mages such as Frederica or Narve.  275 Morality and 110 Utility are needed to make his character story appear on the map.

9 Decimal

According to his side character story mission, Decimal is a dancing automaton who does not know his origins. Gamers agree that he can be a great addition to the party thanks to his immunity to status ailments and wide damage range.

However, it should be noted that Decimal cannot generate tactical points so he should be paired with another character such as Julio. In spite of being an automaton, Julio apparently can sing and dance. 1600 Morality is needed to obtain Julio.

8 Quahaug

Quahaug possesses the power to control time. According to his character story, he used to be a reclusive boy who lived a peaceful life in the Wolffort demesne until he saw a vision of himself aiding Serenoa.

His time-altering powers allow him to revert the battlefield to its previous state and can even boost the speed of his allies. This makes him a must-have side character in the game. He can be recruited to the party if the player gets to 1600 Utility.

7 Groma

Triangle Strategy wins over Fire Emblem when it comes to having unique units. Groma is a great example of a unique unit that can help a player’s party easily bring down enemy teams. Her character backstory unveils that Groma is a former general who was feared by many, especially during the Saltiron War.

Groma is primarily a tank, but her high evasion statistic allows her to weaver through enemies and even immobilize them. She can be recruited once the player gains 750 Liberty and 1,050 Utility.

6 Archibald

In his story mission, Archibald seems like an unassuming old man whose primary role is to manage the Wolffort encampment’s Sundry Shop. However, it is then revealed that Archibald is a Saltiron War survivor who was able to thwart his enemies by solely using a bow.

Archibald is adored by players due to his long-range and high-powered attacks. He’s a great unit to add to a party that needs long-range attackers who can deal a lot of damage. He will offer to lend a hand to Serenoa’s cause if his conditions of 400 Morality and 500 Utility are met.

5 Ezana

Triangle Strategy was a much-awaited Nintendo Switch game not only because of its tactical RPG mechanics but also because of its striking graphics and character design. That said, Ezana is one of the most beautifully-designed characters in the game. With her magical headdress and staff, Ezana can summon rain and tempests, aiding people who might need her powers.

Her high magical attack means that she doesn’t have any use for a weapon. Shaman abilities involving lightning resistance and damage can be gained by a party with Ezana. She can be recruited in the Nameless Village for 400 Utility and 500 Liberty.

4 Flanagan

A former Aefrosti soldier, Flanagan is a physical tank who uses the mighty Rook Shield. His ability to fly provides him with the mobility to attack enemies from behind. In addition, he has passive health regeneration, making him an extremely effective defender and defense unit.

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When using Flanagan, players should strongly avoid arrow attacks as this heavy tank and defender lacks high magical defense. He can be added to the player’s party if they secure 750 Liberty and 1,050 Morality.

3 Lionel

Lionel’s character story appears on the map as the player gains 400 Liberty. As a merchant, he is obsessed with constantly adding more coins to his pocket. Thanks to his crowd control skills, Lionel is a valuable character who has gained the respect of die-hard Triangle Strategy fans.

He also brings value to the party by infuriating enemies and tricking them into deserting the battle. Aside from having sufficient Liberty points, players who want to recruit Lionel should also buy several items from his store.

2 Narve

Recruiting Narve is one of the best choices players can make in Triangle Strategy. A powerful magic user, Narve can harness the elements and cast strong spells that can work against a wide range of enemies.

What’s more, Narve can alter the terrain and change secondary effects, which can then strengthen and enhance his attacks. To add to that, Narve can heal himself, can easily face armored enemies, and has impressive mobility. This unit can be recruited early in the game as the player only needs 110 Morality and 275 Liberty to unlock him.

1 Medina

Medina offers a lot to the player’s party and is extremely useful in almost all battles. According to her side character story, she’s a young woman who studies daily at the Ministry of Medicine due to her strong desire of helping those who are sick and injured.

During battles, Medina can use two items in one term and has plenty of abilities that further boost the effects of the items she uses. Her healing items and tactical point reversion have encouraged many players to recruit her to their parties. Medina will appear on the map if the player gets 400 Liberty and 500 Morality.

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