Every Survivor & Big Brother Star Cast In New Show Snake In The Grass

Every Survivor & Big Brother Star Cast In New Show Snake In The Grass

The new USA Network reality competition show, Snake in the Grass, features stars from Survivor and Big Brother as they compete for a $100,000 prize.

This August, USA Network will premiere a new reality competition show titled Snake in the Grass, which features legendary stars from Survivor and Big Brother. The show’s premise is that players are forced to work together to win a $100,000 prize which they will split, while also attempting to reveal a saboteur in their midst. The Big Brother and Survivor competitors will appear alongside cast members from Naked and Afraid as well. The eight-episode series is hosted by radio star, Dancing with the Stars winner, and former American Idol mentor Bobby Bones.

Described as a cross between Survivor and The Mole by EW, Snake in the Grass was filmed in December in the jungles of Costa Rica. On each episode, four players will stay in the jungle for 36 hours, where they will “compete in a series of grueling and mind-twisting challenges, from retrieving game pieces suspended on high wires over a 500-foot canyon to scaling the face of a cliff to solve puzzles.” However, one of those players is actually the Snake, a saboteur who will attempt to prevent the others from winning the challenges because each challenge win reveals a clue about the identity of the Snake.


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The cast appears to be a mix of celebrities from Survivor, Big Brother, and Naked and Afraid, and unknown people. At the end of each Snake in the Grass journey, the players meet in the Snake Pit and offer a guess as to the identity of the saboteur. If they guess correctly, the three of them will split the $100,000 prize. If they are wrong, the Snake gets to keep all of the money. Fans will enjoy watching their favorite competitors from Survivor and Big Brother battle it out.

Malcolm Freberg, Survivor

Malcolm  competed on Survivor: Philippines on which he made it to the final four. He then returned as a favorite for Survivor: Caramoan during which he placed 9th. Malcolm’s time on Survivor: Game Changers was short-lived as he placed 17th.

Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, Survivor

Stephenie is regarded as one of the strongest women to ever play Survivor, and she competed on three seasons. She began on Survivor: Palau, which she placed 7th. She then returned for Survivor: Guatemala and was the runner-up. Stephenie later competed on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and placed 19th.

Cirie Fields, Survivor

Known for her strategy and intelligence, legendary player Cirie is a veteran of Survivor and has competed on four seasons. On Survivor: Panama, she placed fourth, after revealing earlier in the season that she was a self-proclaimed couch potato with no prior experience with camping. She placed 3rd on Survivor: Micronesia, but came in 17th on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She then placed sixth on Survivor: Game Changers.

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Trish Hegarty, Survivor

Trish competed on Survivor: Cagayan. Despite initially being labeled as the weakest member of her Survivor tribe, she later emerged as a power player in the game. Trish placed fifth on the season.

Yul Kwon, Survivor

Yul won Survivor: Cook Islands, making him the first Asian-American winner of Survivor. He was a member of the Aitu Four alliance, which swept the final four. He then returned for Survivor: Winners at War, on which he placed 14th.

Earl Cole, Survivor

Earl was the winner of Survivor: Fiji. He was a natural leader whose charisma helped earn him the win. Earl was the first person to win the jury vote unanimously. He was the second African-American winner.

Janelle Pierzina, Big Brother

Janelle is a Big Brother legend, and is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the show. She started on Big Brother 6 during which she placed 3rd, and returned the following year for the first all-stars season. She once again placed third and also won the first ever America’s Favorite Houseguest award. Janelle returned for Big Brother 14 as a coach. After the coaches entered the game as players, Janelle became a target and she placed 12th. She returned for the second all-stars season, Big Brother 22, during which she placed 14th because the other houseguests saw her as a threat and wanted to evict her as quickly as possible.

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Rachel Reilly, Big Brother

Rachel began her Big Brother career in season 12, during which she placed ninth. She then returned for Big Brother 13 as part of the dynamic duo twist, partnered with her now-husband Brendon Villegas whom she had met the previous season and to whom she had gotten engaged. Rachel won the season. She is widely regarded as one of the greatest physical players in Big Brother history because she won every endurance competition that she ever competed in.

Snake in the Grass is sure to be a fun summer show. It is always exciting to see some of the strongest reality television competitors play alongside each other. As cast members from Survivor and Big Brother come together to battle for the $100,000 grand prize, anything could happen.

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