Everything From PlayStation’s March 2022 State of Play

Everything From PlayStation's March 2022 State of Play

It’s been over a year since the PlayStation 5 launched and, for a variety of reasons, the system still isn’t in as many hands as Sony would want as demand continues to outstrip supply. This doesn’t mean the games can slow down, however, as Sony keeps its regular pace of State of Play with new game announcements and third-party marketing agreements even in a post-Deathloop world. If you missed today’s State of Play, no worries, we have everything you need to know right here.

The event begins with Exoprimal from Capcom, a dinosaur-themed multiplayer action game with class-based gameplay hitting next year. It looks more than a little bit like Lost Planet crossed with Earth Defense Force, but with dinosaurs. That’s fine. You know what, that’s even OKAY.

An update is shown for Ghostwire Tokyo, the new game from The Evil Within developers Tango Gameworks at Microsoft, er, Bethesda. If you missed the specific State of Play about this game a few weeks ago, it takes more than a casual inspiration from various Japanese folklore and modern horror movies. The game releases later this month on March 22.

Strange of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which releases on March 18, gets a new demo today and  a very small trailer.

The Square Enix train keeps rolling with a new Forspoken trailer, which just got delayed from this coming May all the way to October 11. The trailer shows off Frey’s various spells, including using an ice wakeboard to speed around.

Gundam Evolution, a multiplayer shooter coming to PS4 and PS5, is shown off. It’s a first-person shooter game with some melee elements, seemingly not unlike an Overwatch. Various modes like point-capture and deathmatch are shown. The trailer is set against the most generic dance beat I have ever heard. Why isn’t this the Mobile Suit Gundam theme. A network test for U.S. and Japan is coming in Spring.

Various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games including The Arcade Game, Turtles in Time, and Tournament Fighters are coming to PlayStation under the title The Cowabunga Collection from Konami in 2022.
And no, it does not appear to be that awful Turtles in Time remake from a few years back.

A kaiju battling game that looks kind of similar to War of the Monsters or Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee called Gigabash is coming to PS4 and PS5 later this year.

Described as a fan-favorite fighting game, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle is getting a remaster for PlayStation 4 and 5. The original game released on PS3 in 2013 with around 40 characters but the remaster seems to be getting even more characters than that.

A new samurai epic title, Trek to Yomi, is shown for the first time. The side-scrolling sword-fighting title has a black-and-white samurai movie aesthetic and is described as “taking you beyond life and death.” It is coming to PS4 and PS5 this spring from Devolver Digital.

Returnal is shown once again after its praised release last year with co-op revealed for the first time. Branded Returnal Ascension, it features co-op through the campaign  and a brand new survival mode.

Again with Square Enix, we’re shown a brand new strategy title that seems to be deliberately trying to evoke both their own Final Fantasy Tactics and a little bit of Nintendo’s Fire Emblem. Titled The Diofield Chronicle, the game only has a release date of this year.

Finally, to close out the show, we get a first look at a new Valkyrie Profile title from Square Enix, called Valkyrie Elysium. It will hit PS4 and PS5 later this year. It, uh, doesn’t look like they broke the bank on the budget for the game but that doesn’t mean anything about the quality.

Author: Deann Hawkins