Everything No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update Adds To The Game

Everything No Man's Sky Outlaws Update Adds To The Game

Space exploration and survival game No Man’s Sky has released yet another free update, subtitled Outlaws. As the name implies, interplanetary crime is the focus of this latest update, which has brought a host of new gameplay elements and smaller changes to the game. No Man’s Sky Outlaws includes new spaceships and missions, reworked combat mechanics, and much more.

Update 3.85 brings Outlaws to every available platform, and it will presumably be included in the release version when NMS launches on Nintendo Switch with every update in Summer 2022. The game – which initially launched as something of a disaster in 2016 – has become well known for building upon its foundations with regularly released free content. Outlaws is just the latest in a long line of content drops that have made No Man’s Sky a redemption story, building on areas of the game where mechanics were lacking and adding in small details that will appeal to longtime players.


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Even after so many updates, Outlaws has managed to deliver some compelling new additions. From entirely new game mechanics to bug fixes, Outlaws appears to bring some much needed quality of life upgrades alongside its more robust content. Changes made to NMS over the years have really turned the once lambasted project into a massive success story from an independent studio, and this latest update continues the trend. Nearly six years after its initial launch, players will have a new opportunities to earn profit through unsavory means, collect a whole new style of starship, and engage in space battles in a multitude of new ways.

No Man’s Sky Outlaws Lets You Become A Space Pirate

Players can now become space pirates and run criminal organizations in No Man's Sky Outlaws

No Man’s Sky’s latest content update adds some significant depth to the game’s criminal activities. Attacking trade ships and freighters has become a more lucrative endeavor by the addition of outlaw systems, though players will still have to deal with the Sentinels upgraded in No Man’s Sky’s last update. Outlaw systems have been taken over by pirates, where illegal goods can be bought, dastardly missions can be accepted, and counterfeit documentation can be acquired. Rewards for destroying starships have been increased to incentivize players to partake in the new illegal activities, and special outlaw stations (filled with unique NPCs) will have a Bounty Master on hand to hire the player for various procedurally generated piracy missions.

There are also new narrative missions to be found in the outlaw systems, which can reward players with new titles and customization options. Since they operate outside of the law, warping between outlaw and regulated systems – and vice versa – is not possible, but those who haul illicit goods into areas of polite society will find extra profit waiting for them. This may be a new way to make money fast in No Man’s Sky, although it comes with the risk of souring one’s reputation in certain parts of the galaxy. Luckily gangs of pirates might reward the player with Forged Passports, letting the player increase their reputation in regulated space by bringing the falsified credentials to a Station Core. Another new item, the Carbo Probe Deflector, will help players avoid detection when smuggling illicit goods.

No Man’s Sky Outlaws Adds New Ships & Squadrons

No Man's Sky's newest update added ships with solar sails and the ability to call a squad of wingmen in combat

Outlaws has brought an entirely new class of starship to NMS – Solar Ships. Spaceships outfitted with solar sails are a common idea in science fiction works, allowing interstellar travelers to harness the power of light for transport. No Man’s Sky’s Solar Ships will come in all shapes and sizes, with procedurally generated designs to provide plenty of variety. They are extremely efficient at long-range travel, which may help solve one of No Man’s Sky’s biggest problems, and will come equipped with some unique technologies. Solar Ships will most commonly be found in the new outlaw systems, and to accommodate the new vehicles, players will now be able to save nine ships, up from the previous six.

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In addition to their own ships, players will now have the opportunity to manage a combat-ready fleet in Outlaws. Provided they’re the owner of a freighter, players will be able to recruit NPC pilots to serve in a squadron, which will automatically be called into battle (more on changes to NMS’ combat below). Players will use the Manage Fleet terminal on their capital ship to upgrade, train, and recruit wingmen. The No Man’s Sky Companions update added a lot of functionality to NPCs last year, and Outlaws is again giving players more options for expanding their own galactic communities. The squadrons can be summoned while outside of combat as well, and will even fly with the player in formation.

No Man’s Sky’s Space Combat Has Been Reworked In Outlaws

No Man's Sky Outlaws includes changes to combat, including the addition of in-atmosphere battles

Alongside the important addition of squadrons is a variety of other changes to No Man’s Sky’s ship-to-ship combat. Perhaps the most notable is in-atmosphere battles, which will allow players to clash in the skies of any planet, making mountainous terrain and man-made structures dangerous obstacles. This means it is now possible for pirates and Sentinels to attack the player while they are flying inside a planet’s atmosphere. Pirates can also be found attacking structures on a planet’s surface, with the player able to glean a reward for stopping the assault.

NMS’ Sentinel update refreshed the aging combat that is ground-based, and now a number of tweaks have been made for space battles (including in-atmosphere conflicts) to further improve the experience. Many enemy starships will now be equipped with energy shields that must be depleted before the ship can be damaged. Energy shields have varying strengths and recharge rates, with different weapons types specializing in damaging one or the other. These changes have lead to a rework in the combat systems that will appear to higher skilled players, and a new autopilot setting has been added for those who would like a some help in acquiring hostile targets. When it comes to combat, there are a number of bug fixes, HUD changes, and weapon balances that have been made in Outlaws, which can be perused in the patch notes on the No Man’s Sky website.

Other Notable Additions & Changes In No Man’s Sky Outlaws

No Man's Sky Outlaws has many general changes as well, like the addition of cloth physics and visible orbiting frigates

Hello Games has continuously made graphical improvements, especially in regards to making planets in No Man’s Sky feel truly unique with the next-gen update, and Outlaws continues to make visual improvements. The player character will now have some additional flair with cloth simulation, which will be put on full display with new cape and hood options that have been added. Many other visual effects have been upgraded too, including explosions, lasers, engines, underwater jetpack trails, and warp-in animations.

A more overt visual change to NMS’ ambiance is the chance to see large freighters enter a planet’s atmosphere while standing on the surface. Players’ freighters will undergo another important change as well, since ship cargo inventory has been bolstered across the board and is now upgradeable, still varying according to ship type and class. Similarly, stack sizes for all trade goods have been increased, which will help players manage their inventories amidst all of the No Man’s Sky changes in the Outlaws update.

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