Everything To Know About Sheldon Cooper’s Fun With Flags

Everything To Know About Sheldon Cooper’s Fun With Flags

With season 5 of The Big Bang Theory’s spin-off Young Sheldon winding down, fans have noticed more and more subtle shoutouts to its predecessor. Most recently, George’s teen pregnancy scare was compared to Penny’s flashback to when she was 16. Likewise, viewers are seeing more and more of TBBT’s Sheldon in his younger self. Throughout the ups and downs of Young Sheldon, Sheldon Cooper remained focused on his one passion: science.

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On TBBT, Sheldon allowed another passion of his to consume him — his internet show, Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags. Sheldon took a break from physics and chatted about vexillology, the study of flags, and why viewers should know more about them. What followed were entertaining and positive moments between Sheldon, Amy, and their virtual audience on-screen and as viewers.


There Was A Slight Name Change

the final fun with flags episode - tbbt

If there’s one life lesson fans learned from Sheldon Cooper, it’s to make a passion out of one’s hobbies. Sheldon always enjoyed vexillology so he created a show as an outlet from physics.

Sheldon had Amy help him behind the scenes with the camerawork and editing, making their relationship closer the more they worked together. Sheldon appreciated Amy so much that he even changed the name of his show for her: Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler Present: Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags. While the name change wasn’t that big of a deal, Amy saw its significance and they were closer because of it.

Episodes Came Out Weekly

TBBT Kripke fun with flags

Sheldon’s quotes on vexillology proved how smart he was for viewers of his internet show. And while Sheldon wasn’t the most entertaining or colorful host, his knowledge of flags was unique to watch.

At first, Sheldon told his viewers that he would record over 50 weekly episodes and then be done with the show. However, it was later noted that he was done with the series after episode 232! As silly as Fun with Flags was, only 10 of those episodes were shown on the show.

Sheldon Didn’t Think People Cared About His Show

penny and sheldon on fun with flags - tbbt

In ‘The Champagne Reflection,’ Sheldon was ready to end Fun with Flags. With over 200 episodes to its name, Sheldon didn’t think viewers cared if he ended the show.

His final episode was emotional as he showed some of his favorite highlights from the series. He told viewers that he hoped they laughed, cried, and learned a lot while following along. Later that night, Sheldon was disappointed no one commented on his final episode. But just then, someone commented that they were sorry the show ended because they “kind of liked it.” Because his viewers were “heartbroken,” Sheldon brought Fun with Flags back.

He Had Main-Stream Guests

wil wheaton on fun with flags - tbbt

Sheldon had the wits to know that he needed guests on his show to make it more interactive. He had his relatable moments but he wasn’t necessarily engaging an online audience. Aside for Amy as his co-star from time to time, he also had some of his famous friends join the show.RELATED: 10 Of Sheldon’s Most Relatable Moments On TBBT

Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton (both from Star Trek) made appearances on Fun with Flags, discussing different flags that related to their work and youth. When Sheldon’s celebrity fans couldn’t pull through, he relied on Penny, Barry Kripke, Raj, and Howard for entertainment for viewers.

Sheldon Once Used An Episode To Get Back At Amy

The Separation Oscillation - tbbt - fun with flags

Since Amy and Sheldon started Fun with Flags together, he didn’t know what to do when they broke up. Sheldon and Amy’s relationship timeline was at a standstill for a brief period because he wasn’t capable of moving forward in their relationship, urging Amy to move on with her life. Sheldon never wanted to break up and responded immaturely as things spiraled out of his control.

To get back at Amy for breaking his heart, he recorded a special Fun with Flags episode directed toward her.In ‘The Separation Oscillation,’ Sheldon compared Amy’s personality to countries that were torn apart, specifically the Czech Republic and Slovakia. His insults infuriated her but despite her anger, Sheldon saw this as a sign of hope.

They Eventually Added Live Music

footprints on the moon - tbbt - fun with flags

Raj and Howard had quotes throughout TBBT that proved their friendship was one of the best. They were so close that many people thought they were a couple.

Concerning Fun with Flags, Sheldon never had them on as guests but did have them on for live entertainment. In season 9, the two created a band that played a combination of folk music and science fiction pop culture. When Sheldon and Amy moved into their new apartment, Sheldon thought it was appropriate to make their first episode in a new location exciting by adding musical guests. Howard and Raj created a short jingle at the start of the show and added sound effects throughout. Although the musical additions were short, it was a fun aspect of the show.

The Show Brought Out His Fun Side

fun with flags - tbbt - The Valentino Submergence

When fans think of fun characters on TBBT, they’re thinking Penny or Howard. Not too many fans thought Sheldon was intentionally funny. Nevertheless, Fun with Flags was a chance for Sheldon to show off his fun spirit.

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Through games, the art of conversation, and pop culture references, fans saw a side of Sheldon that they had never seen before. With Penny’s help, she showed him how to be more relaxed and personable in front of the camera. These small moments between Sheldon and Penny proved they had one of the best friendships on TBBT. She allowed him to open up and be himself in a public way.

Fun With Flags Relied On Amy

Sheldon and Amy in an episode of Fun with Flags on TBBT

Although Sheldon was the star of Fun with Flags, he wouldn’t have made it a success without Amy’s help. Not only was Amy the producer but she added a fun element to the show. In one of their first episodes together, Amy drew a smiley face on a white flag to draw in a younger audience, which Sheldon loved.

In later episodes, Sheldon and Amy stepped up their game by adding costumes and special effects. As much as Sheldon didn’t want to admit it, his show was really “their” show and it wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Amy Never Thought Sheldon’s Guests Were As Charismatic As He Was

Lavar Burton on an episode of Fun with Flags with Sheldon on TBBT

As the producer, and at times co-star, of Fun with Flags, Amy didn’t always think the guests Sheldon had were worth their time. When Wil Wheaton made his first appearance on the show, Amy was never satisfied with their takes. She thought Wil did a poor job and he wasn’t as charismatic as Sheldon was. This of course created an issue in their relationship because Sheldon never defended Amy against Wil.

In the end, Sheldon and Amy made up and prepared for a new celebrity guest, LaVar Burton. Yet again, Amy acted as the smartest character in TBBT and hysterically warned Sheldon that LaVar didn’t have what it took to be on screen either. Despite Burton and Wheaton being megastars, Amy thought the only person good enough for Fun with Flags was Sheldon.

He Added Virtual Effects And Green Screen


Fun with Flags was traditionally filmed in the living room with a whiteboard behind Sheldon. On the coffee table were the flags Sheldon used for his show. As far as production went, that’s all Fun with Flags needed.

As time went on, the green screen, costumes, and virtual effects were added. Viewers saw Amy dressed as a Bavarian pretzel while discussing the Bavarian flag, Sheldon dressed in a vintage bathing suit to show the importance of a beach flag, and Sheldon even dressed as Betsy Ross to reenact sewing the first American flag. These tech moments showed how much time and effort Sheldon and Amy put into this small series as lovers and coworkers, but they did it out of love. Sheldon got a lot of slack for not being the best boyfriend, but their time on Fun with Flags proved otherwise.

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