Everything You Need To Know About Moon Knight (& Why He Is A Perfect Addition To The MCU)

Everything You Need To Know About Moon Knight (& Why He Is A Perfect Addition To The MCU)

For years, Marvel Comics fans have wanted to see Marc Spector, better known as the masked vigilante Moon Knight, join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now with the Disney+ Moon Knight series starring Oscar Isaac, fans have gotten their wish granted.

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Moon Knight is far from being a typical character in Marvel’s lexicon of characters, being much darker and brutal in his methods and backstory. How does Moon Knight tie into the MCU? Fans aren’t completely certain yet but there is a lot to suggest that he is a perfect addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Updated on March 28th, 2022 by Melody MacReady: A lot has changed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2019. Moon Knight has gone from a rumor to a highly-anticipated series on Disney+. It will feature six episodes starring Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight and his multiple identities. Though he is far from an unknown hero, he is hardly a household name compared to the likes of Iron Man or Spider-Man.

Those who have never read or even heard of Moon Knight will be surprised by this character because there is a lot to know about his mythos. From the supernatural elements to the psychological thriller elements to the superhero elements that when combined will make him a perfect addition to the MCU.

Everything You Need To Know About Moon Knight

Moon Knight Has A Dark But Rich Backstory

Steven Grant encountering Khonshu The God Of Vengeance in the Disney+ Moon Knight series

Marc Spector was born in Chicago to a rabbi father whom he grew to despise then became a heavyweight boxer before enlisting as a U.S. Marine. Following his military career, he became a mercenary, which led him to an assignment involving an archeological dig in Egypt, where a statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu has been uncovered.

The situation goes awry and Spector is left to die at the dig site in the freezing temperatures of the night. Khonshu comes to him in a vision and tells him that if he becomes his embodiment on Earth, he’ll let him live. And so, he awakens and becomes Moon Knight, the fist of Khonshu.

Moon Knight’s Powers Depend On The Lunar Cycle

Moon Knight getting his moon-shaped blades from the moon in the Disney+ Moon Knight series

Even on his own, Moon Knight possesses a mastery of martial arts that makes him a formidable foe against his enemies. He also carries moon-themed gadgets with him to give him an edge, even a moon-shaped jet similar to the Batwing from the Batman mythos.

However, Moon Knight does have powers that are dependent on the Moon. Depending on the lunar cycle, his strength, agility, and endurance can be enhanced to superhuman levels.

Moon Knight Doesn’t Rely Solely On His Powers

Moon Knight fighting mercenaries in the Disney+ Moon Knight series

After a while, Moon Knight’s powers began to wear off in the comics. As they faded away, he lost his enhanced abilities allowed by the lunar cycle and had to rely on his own fighting ability and detective skills to continue his superheroics.

This could allow for an interesting dynamic in future seasons or other projects featuring Moon Knight. Show that even though he is a powerful avatar of an Egyptian god, he is still effective even without the power of Khonshu.

Moon Knight Is A Spin-Off Of Werewolf By Night

Moon Knight battling Werewolf By Night in Marvel comics

Much like Wolverine, Moon Knight debuted as a guest character in an issue of Werewolf By Night and got his own spin-off series. However, Moon Knight gained more of a following whereas Werewolf By Night faded slightly into obscurity.

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A reverse situation may occur with the Disney+ series. Werewolf By Night is set to get its own adaptation with Michael Giacchino as director. As a result, Werewolf By Night could be first introduced in Moon Knight, with the series acting as a springboard for that special to leap from.

Moon Knight Is Diagnosed With Dissociative Identity Disorder

Split image of Moon Knight, Marc Spector, and Mr. Knight in various posters for the Disney+ Moon Knight series

One of Moon Knight’s most unique aspects is that he is diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Though he was born as the mercenary Marc Spector, he lives multiple other lives such as Jake Lockley the cab driver, Steven Grant the billionaire philanthropist, Moon Knight the vigilante, and Mr. Knight.

Mr. Knight is the newest of his many personas who takes on a noir-detective personality. He goes out at night and collects evidence, piecing things together so that Moon Knight can act accordingly. This representation of DID helps reduce the stereotype of villains being the only characters with multiple personalities.

Why MoonKnight Is A Perfect Addition To The MCU

 Moon Knight Is Unlike Any Other MCU Character

Moon Knight brooding with the full moon behind him in the Disney+ Moon Knight series

There’s something about almost every MCU character that makes them unique, and also makes them contrast with the others. For example, Tony Stark comes from a privileged background and Steve Rogers AKA the first version of Captain America comes from a working-class background in the 1940s

The great thing about Moon Knight is that there are no other MCU characters like him. His origin in Egyptian mythology, he began as a despicable mercenary, and his methods are brutal. Even his white mummy wrapping-like design is unlike any other costume in the MCU so far.

Moon Knight Has Unique Villains

Ethan Hawke in Moon Knight

Where most of Marvel’s threats come from other planets and universes, keeping a sci-fi feel to everything, Moon Knight deals with the supernatural. Similar to Doctor Strange, Moon Knight fends off threats of the more mystical sort such as different monsters, deities, and other foes from Egyptian mythology.

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Moon Knight is also no stranger to human villains such as Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke’s character), Bushman, his antithesis known as Midnight Man, Black Spectre, and even his own brother who became Shadowknight.

Moon Knight Could Mark The Beginning Of The Midnight Sons

Split image of Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Daredevil in the MCU with fan art of Mahershala Ali as Blade

What makes a great candidate for an MCU character is their suitability for the larger ensembles and team-up films. Of course, fans will likely want to see Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight join the New Avengers. Recently, the MCU has been slowly introducing darker Marvel heroes including Mahershala Ali’s Blade, Kit Harington’s Black Knight, and even Doctor Strange.

With Moon Knight, this could allow the MCU to create the mystical defense force known as The Midnight Sons. This team is also known for featuring Daredevil and since he was recently brought into the MCU, Charlie Cox could join as well.

Moon Knight Can Introduce A New Criminal Organization

The Committee standing over Moon Knight on the cover of Moon Knight #4

The MCU has gotten a lot of mileage out of HYDRA lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings in the world of espionage. Introducing Moon Knight into the franchise would also introduce a new shady criminal organization to permeate throughout the ongoing storylines: the Committee.

The Committee is a group of Earth’s elite that manipulate events to get their way and keep their power. Fans are asking one question above most others, “how does Moon Knight tie into the MCU?” This could help Moon Knight tie into the past of the MCU by showing the Committee’s involvement in devastating events or revealing that certain names were a part of the Committee.

Moon Knight Is Marvel’s Darkest Hero

Moon Knight with white eyes suiting up in the Moon Knight Disney+ series

A select amount of viewers are going to be surprised by the Disney+ series. The MCU has stuck with a fun, vibrant, and mostly family-friendly style which has worked since Phase 1. However, Moon Knight in the comics is darker than Daredevil and Punisher combined.

There are comics where Moon Knight will tear off a man’s face, kill in the most brutal manners possible, and deal with twisted yet gruesome villains. Similar to the Daredevil series, the dark tone of Moon Knight can provide a welcome change to the MCU instead of the same formula that can get tiresome every now and then.

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