Evil Dead: The Game – How to Earn More Skill Points (The Fast Way)

Evil Dead: The Game - How to Earn More Skill Points (The Fast Way)

To earn more skill points fast in Evil Dead: The Game, players will need to prioritize playing as “meta” characters to accumulate victory XP.

Skill points are the main form of character progression in Evil Dead: The Game. As players earn XP to level up their account and characters, they can unlock new active and passive skill points. Allocating points to these abilities will grant players exploration and combative bonuses to provide a competitive advantage in matches. Therefore, earning more skill points fast is essential for advancing and becoming stronger in Evil Dead: The Game.

While there are currently no exploitive techniques for accumulating XP and skill points exceedingly quickly in Evil Dead: The Game, there are several things that players should keep in mind or utilize to maximize their chances of winning. First and foremost, remember that only the first three options of Survivor vs. Demon Mode will reward users with experience. “Play as Survivor (PvP), Play as the Kandarian Demon,” and “Play as Survivor (PvE)” will offer XP at the end of the match. Additionally, the two solo options that do not involve online play will not give players character XP for completion. Therefore, fans should be sure not to waste time playing solo if they wish to quickly earn skill points in Evil Dead: The Game.


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Another method to earn XP fast in Evil Dead: The Game is by playing easy-to-play, high-utility Survivors or Demons for better chances of achieving victory. Cheryl Williams and Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) are optimal choices for Survivors, while Demon users are recommended to use Warlord Henrietta and Evil Ash Necromancer.

How To Earn Skill Points Fast In Evil Dead The Game

Earning Skill Points Fast In Evil Dead

Cheryl Williams’s innate healing ability can restore the HP of nearby allies and increase their healing received from colas. Evil Dead: The Game is still relatively new, which means players will often die as they attempt to figure out mechanics. However, with Cheryl on a team, allies can be kept alive much longer, thanks to her healing. As for Ash Williams, he can exorcise Demons from humans, an ability with powerful utility.

The Demon Warlord Henrietta is incredibly effective and moderately easy to play, making her an efficient tool for farming skill points from matches. On the other hand, Necromancers like Evil Ash are slightly more complex yet can end games exceptionally quickly with their skeletal minions. Therefore, those looking to win matches as quickly as possible in the current meta of Evil Dead: The Game are recommended to choose Evil Ash. Of course, playing the character that a fan enjoys the most is the most important in any online experience. Nevertheless, those aiming to swiftly level their characters with victory XP are advised to choose “meta-picks” for the best outcomes.

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Evil Dead: The Game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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