Extended Gameplay Reveals Characters, World & RPG Mechanics

Extended Gameplay Reveals Characters, World & RPG Mechanics

Bethesda’s next open-world RPG, Starfield, revealed space-faring gameplay that looks to evolve the Skyrim and Fallout formula in extraordinary ways.

Bethesda has shared an extended look at Starfield, revealing some of its world, character customization and RPG mechanics in a new gameplay trailer. The team behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout has set the bar when it comes to creating large, fictional worlds and has built some of gaming’s most immersive experiences. Starfield will be the first original IP from the developers since IHRA Drag Racing in 2001.

Bethesda has described Starfield as an entirely new, next-generation experience in a space-themed setting. Bethesda also claims Starfield’s planning is 25 years in the making. Previous games from the developer have offered worlds filled with dungeons, civil wars, and countless well-rounded NPCs, and this next adventure aims to take the best aspects of previous games to the vastness of space, enhanced with new-gen capabilities. While Starfield’s delay from November 2022 to early 2023 is likely disappointing for many, the new gameplay trailer shows that the wait could be worth it.


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The huge scope and beautiful gameplay of Starfield’s universe was finally shown by Bethesda’s own Todd Howard during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase of Summer Game Fest 2022. The gameplay revealed some of the discoverable planets, creatures, and RPG mechanics, offering an extended look at character customization, skill trees, home bases and more. Customizable space ships were finally revealed with confirmation they can be equipped with a crew, who will no doubt be helpful during Starfield’s epic space combat. The fast-paced FPS gameplay should appeal to Fallout fans, with lots of similarities seen in the gameplay. Starfield’s size was revealed at the end of the demo, showcasing hundreds of worlds that players will be able to explore.

The game’s design director Emil Pagliarulo recently explored more on Starfield’s settings and factions, which were shown in more detail in the trailer. Players will be able to create their own space explorer and choose which faction they want to assist while exploring the many worlds and raising their own families. But Starfield will not force fans to make a choice, as it offers a variety of activities and things to explore, never requiring players to complete the main quests if they would rather get lost in the detailed world.

After the long wait for further information on Starfield, this trailer is an exciting update for Elder Scrolls or Fallout fans ready for a new adventure. The game’s premise also shows that the setting isn’t the most important place, but that it is the details that make the world engaging and new. This Starfield trailer shows that Bethesda is creating something fans have been asking for for a long time: something entirely new.

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Starfield is set to launch in the first half of 2023 on PC, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Bethesda/YouTube

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