Faction Guide (Bonuses, Buffs, & Activities)

Faction Guide (Bonuses, Buffs, & Activities)

The Shadows and the Immortals are the two main factions in Diablo Immortal, and joining one can unlock some bonuses and additional activities to complete. Every player starts out as an Adventurer and can try to join either the Shadows or the Immortals, but each faction has its own requirements for joining. After becoming a member of the Shadows or Immortals, players will need to wait until the Cycle of Strife ends to switch to a different faction.

The Immortals can only have 3o0 members total on a single server, so it’s much easier to join the Shadows. However, only the top Dark Clans in the Shadows faction have the opportunity to fight the Immortals. If the Shadows defeat the Immortals, then the Dark Clan that beat them will become the new Immortals for that server. In order to participate in the Shadow War event in Diablo Immortal, players will need to join the Immortals or a top Dark Clan, but most of the other bonuses and activities are available to faction members regardless of their standing.


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There’s no downside to joining a faction, and both the Shadows and Immortals have additional activities that players can complete to earn items, resources, and other valuable rewards. The Immortals group is generally considered the better faction to be a member of, but the Shadows have a lot to offer as well, including the chance to eventually become an Immortal. After reaching level 43 and completing Bilefen’s main story questline, players should quickly join a faction to start receiving its benefits.

How To Join The Shadows Faction In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Faction Guide Bonuses Buffs & Activities Shadows

In order to become a member of the Shadows faction, players will need to enter the Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal. After reaching level 43 and completing the main story in Bilefen, players will be able to speak to the Mysterious Patron in the Tavern in Westmarch near Rakkis Plaza. At 12 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm local server time, the Shadow Lottery will begin, and the Mysterious Patron will offer entry. There are a limited number of participants allowed, so players should reach the Mysterious Patron as early as possible. The Shadow Lottery concludes after one hour, at which time players will be notified by mail if they won or lost. Winners will have the chance to complete the Shadow Mettle quest within three days to receive Akeba’s Signet.

Completing the challenge and earning Akeba’s Signet will give players access to the Court of Whispers and all of the exclusive content available only to the Shadows. It’s recommended that new members of the Shadows faction level up to the first Apprentice rank quickly so they can join a Dark Clan. Starting a Dark Clan in Diablo Immortal requires 3,000 Platinum, but players can join for free as long as the leader approves them. Dark Clans can work together to earn XP and rank up to unlock advantages and earn a chance to overthrow the Immortals.

Shadows Faction Bonuses In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Faction Guide Bonuses Buffs & Activities Shadow Activities

The Shadow Lottery can be repeated at any time to earn more Akeba’s Signets and invite friends to join the Shadows. There are individual buffs and Dark Clan buffs that can be unlocked by earning Marks and ranking up within the Shadows faction. Leveling up individually in the Shadows will grant players 1% increased defense and attack for each new level reached. The highest level is 32, so players can increase their defense and attack stats by 32% for ranking up fully. There are additional bonuses available for joining and ranking up a Dark Clan, such as increased damage and XP earned, or additional Contracts available each day.

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The Shadows faction has a variety of bonuses that players can take advantage of, including several activities exclusive to members. One of the most rewarding daily activities is the Shadow Assembly in Diablo Immortal. Contracts are also special daily missions, and they’re given by Bartender Bailey in the Tavern in Westmarch where the Mysterious Patron and Court of Whispers are located. Inside the Court of Whispers, the Path of Blood and Raid the Vault activities can be accessed.

Path of Blood has rewards for each new floor cleared of enemies, and it can be accessed at any time. The Raid the Vault activity requires a four-player party and is only available from 12 pm to 2 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm. However, triggering the alarm during a Raid the Vault mission will give the Immortals a chance to defend their loot, so Shadows may have to fight the other faction to claim their rewards. Each activity offers random rewards, including gold, XP, Hilts, and possibly legendary items in Diablo Immortal.

How To Join The Immortals Faction In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Faction Guide Bonuses Buffs & Activities Rite of Exile

Although joining the Shadows relies on chance via the Shadow Lottery, it’s still much more difficult to become a member of the Immortals. Unless invited by an existing member, players need to join the Shadows to become an Immortal. To have a chance at overthrowing the Immortals and taking over the faction, players will need to be in the top Dark Clan after the current Immortals are defeated in the Rite of Exile. The members of the top Dark Clan become the new Immortals. The strongest character becomes the leader, referred to as The Immortal, and this player can appoint Lieutenants and Elites that have access to additional buffs and events in Diablo Immortal. The Immortals faction is much more exclusive than the Shadows, but there are also some bonuses that are more valuable than what the Shadows gain.

Immortals Faction Bonuses In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Faction Guide Bonuses Buffs & Activities Immortals Hall of Ascension

There are several buffs and extra activities that Immortals gain access to. The Immortal and the Lieutenants all have Crowns that grant buffs to allies within 10 yards for 10 seconds. Commendations are also given weekly, and the rewards depend on a player’s contributions to the faction for that week. Being in the Immortals faction grants access to a special section of items at the Hilts Trader. Along with the general and limited-time resources, Immortals can use Hilts in Diablo Immortal to purchase additional legendary crests, mystery legendary gear, and other valuable items.

Along with using buffs, the Immortals are able to participate in the Defend the Vault activity. Every hour, the Vault is filled with gold and items, which can be increased by completing Elder Rifts. Immortals can attempt to Defend the Vault during the timeframe when Shadows can Raid the Vault. However, Immortals are only permitted to enter if the alarm is triggered by the Shadows. Kion’s Ordeal is another activity Immortals can complete, but this raid event is only available to The Immortal, Lieutenants, and Elites in the faction. Although there are better rewards for being a member of the Immortals, there are more activities that are open to everyone in the Shadows faction. Regardless of which faction players have access to, joining the Shadows or Immortals in Diablo Immortal unlocks additional content and bonuses.

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