Fall Guys Goes Free-to-Play, Coming to Xbox and Switch

Fall Guys Goes Free-to-Play, Coming to Xbox and Switch

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the colorful and zany battle-royal that was one of 2020’s big summer hits, is soon going free-to-play and coming to new platforms like Xbox and Switch.

This was all announced via livestream by developer Mediatonic earlier today, which covered everything new on the horizon. Though the Fall Guys player base has shrunk since its launch a couple years ago, Mediatonic has done a considerably good job keeping the live-service game alive for those that stuck around. I’m one of those people, and after everything they announced today, I’m pretty pumped for what’s coming. (Seriously, you can build your own courses — that’s something I’ve wanted since, well, its initial launch!)

The stream had a lot to digest, so here’s a breakdown of all the most significant news:

Coming to Xbox (Series X/S and Xbox One), Switch, PS5 (dedicated, native version), and Epic Games Store on June 21.
That same day, Fall Guys will be free-to-play on all its available platforms.
There will be both cross-progression and cross-play, no matter what device you or your friends are on. So yes, you can create a party with friends on other platforms.
You can build your own levels (!!!) with a custom creation tool that will be coming at a later date (as in, later than June 21).
For current users (anyone who plays before June 21), they will receive a legacy pack with new cosmetics and items. This also includes a season pass for the next season. For newcomers, you can still get free stuff by pre-registering for the F2P launch.
The next season (with no announced date just yet), will include several new levels. These were teased rapidly at the end of the stream, but it looks like we’ll have: more obstacle courses, a volleyball game, a race track, and something to do with an arena. It will all be “stadium” themed. Some new costumes for that season include a dragon suit (three players can wear different parts of it — the head, the middle, the back), and a golden gladiator outfit.
More collaborations with other IPs is coming — an Ezio costume (Assassin’s Creed), Pusheen costume, and a Godzilla costume. Mediatonic is also planning some future level designs around IP collaborations.
Switch will be playable both on dock and handheld (30 FPS); Xbox Series X targeting 60 FPS; PS5 targeting 60 FPS. PlayStation and Xbox Series X version will also have native 4K.
By June 21, you’ll be able to convert unspent crowns into Kudos (the two main currencies) which can be helpful to obtain specific items.

That’s pretty much all the big news, but you can re-watch Mediatonic’s full stream here for more in-depth info. You can also check out our interview from a while back with Mediatonic about how the game wasn’t planned — initially during development — to be a battle royale.

Author: Deann Hawkins