Far Cry: 8 Memes That Sum Up The Franchise

Far Cry: 8 Memes That Sum Up The Franchise

The first-person shooter franchise Far Cry is one of the most intensive versions of its genre. With each subsequent game, the worlds are more and more in-depth, to the point that there’s a level of discomfort in watching fictional variations of very real-world conflicts.

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Excluding spin-offs like Far Cry Instincts (2005), Far Cry Instincts: Predator (2006), Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (2013), Far Cry Primal (2016), and Far Cry New Dawn (2019), there have been six main installments of the series. The most recent, Far Cry 6 (2021), was the most detailed and lived-in open world environment yet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still meme-worthy gaps in logic.


They’re All Appendages

Far Cry body maintenance meme

Die-hard Far Cry fans know that the third game’s healing system was especially bizarre. Instead of picking up hearts or first aid kits (which are also available), players typically have to heal themselves via whatever is around them. Of course, they’re really nothing more than randomized responses to the player’s command, as not even Far Cry 3 included environmental interaction to that great an extent.

Subsequent Far Cry games included the same healing system, but the one in Far Cry 3 could be a little wonky. For instance, the player will dig a twig into their arm and pop out a bullet. This would make sense were the player shot in the arm, but it’s an illogical reaction to a bullet in a separate part of the body.

The Most Dangerous Of All

Far Cry 6 incorporated animal companions, but it stands to reason the honey badger will never find itself on the roster.

The screeching little tyrant is the well-known bane of the Far Cry player, exceeding the power of flaming barrels, bullets, and blades. In fact, the threats can be a little uneven, given the likelihood of a bullet killing someone over a nasty little badger in the real world. But, then again, Far Cry doesn’t always play by the rules of the real world.

I’ll Get At It Later

Bad soldier Far Cry Meme

The worst Far Cry villains don’t tend to show much compassion for their soldiers. However, the soldiers usually stick together, growing antagonistic towards the player and their general surroundings if an intrusion is noticed.

Sometimes, though, you can send a bolt arrow into a guard’s chest and the guard right next to him looks over seemingly without a care in the world. It’s a rarity (particularly in Far Cry 5 and Far Cry 6) but it would happen every now and again in Far Cry 4, and it could be considered both a lucky break for the player and a nice source of humor.

What Was I Supposed To Do About It?

NPC Far Cry Meme

The best games like Far Cry 6 typically have NPCs (Non-Playable Characters, like Guy from Free Guy). Also typical is their lack of interactability. This is particularly true of Far Cry, where the NPCs can be spoken to, even saved, but typically only if it’s within a mission.

There are plenty of opportunities to actually save civilians, even convert them to the cause (especially in Far Cry 4), but there are many times, like in 6, where the player really has no choice but to stand back and watch as a personality-free gunman sends bullets into villager homes and villagers themselves. Players can’t take the one out without alerting the 100, so it’s a stalemate.

What Will That Do For Poison, Again?

Far Cry Snake Meme

The best Far Cry memes tend to focus on the games’ bizarre healing system. The technique is akin to slapping a bandaid on a broken Mustang engine, and it consistently makes absolutely no sense, regardless of the technique.

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In most cases, it involves the application of bandages. For gunshots and knife wounds, sure, the action is somewhat logical. However, when it comes to a snake bite or flame-related damage, there truly is no point in the main character applying a long bandage to the wound.

Free Plastic

One of the bigger Far Cry mainstays is crafting. If playing on a difficulty other than the easiest, it’s of the utmost importance that the player crafts healing syringes.

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There are other potent medications as well, but the healing syringe is a necessity. However, even if it is useful, plastic syringes actually require plastic for their construction, not just two identically colored leaves. The meme intensifies the commentary on this by showing Vaas Montenegro, a man who cares little for reality unless it benefits him (which it rarely does because his motives are strictly impure).

It’s Resilient Paper

Far Cry 2 wasn’t the only game in the franchise to have the player’s guns jam, but it was the only one to make that occurrence outright irritating. This was especially true when they were wading through the water, which would almost universally lead to the jamming issue.

However, even if the player’s AK-47 was suddenly useless, their simple paper map was just fine. Odd, considering a body of water would destroy the wrinkly old paper in a second. Yet, in Far Cry 2, there’s never a time when a sopping wet protagonist still can’t find their way across desert plains.

Honey Badgers, Tigers, And Bears, Oh My.

A Far Cry honey badger meme

One consistent element in the Far Cry games that fans can always expect is the honey badger. In a world filled with flying bullets, trucks careening down mountainsides while on fire, and crop-dusting planes swooping in low for the kill, it’s a small mammal that’s the most deadly adversary.

Whether the player is going against Pagan Min’s army or Joseph Seed and his gang of Eden’s Gate thugs, they don’t hold a candle to the quick, resilient, and perpetually ferocious honey badger. If the player sees one, they should just shoot it. Messing around with the animal is ill-advised. The meme above pokes fun at just how overpowered the little guys are, especially in comparison to the games’ more traditionally deadly animals such as bears and tigers.

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