FFXIV 6.11 Patch Notes Summary and What’s Next; Everything You Need to Know

FFXIV 6.11 Patch Notes Summary and What's Next; Everything You Need to Know

Even after the wave of new content we got in Patch 6.1, the interstitial Patch 6.11 for Final Fantasy XIV still brought some heat. Here, we’ll round up everything you need to know about FFXIV Patch 6.11 with summaries of our coverage for more details. This includes breakdowns of Job changes for both the regular game and PVP, what the deal is with Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate), the new Ultimate weapons, and where FFXIV is at with its housing troubles. But even if neither PVP nor Ultimate raiding are in your wheelhouse, we have a look at things you can look forward to with the upcoming Patch 6.15.

Overall, the adjustments to Jobs for FFXIV “main” are fairly minor. The most notable things include damage potency buffs to both Samurai and Gunbreaker. After Samurai got some major tweaks in Patch 6.1, there was room for improvement, so its actions Midare Setsugakke, Kaeshi Setsugakke, and Shoha got a slight potency boost. Gunbreaker‘s combo moves from the Powder Gauge all got potency boosts, which makes expending those Cartridges more rewarding and furthering Gunbreaker’s role as the damage-dealing tank.

Machinist received a slight buff with extra potency per Wildfire stack, and Dragoon had its Jump/High Jump to Mirage Dive combo cleaned up a bit. You can get all the finer details in our FFXIV 6.11 Job changes summary.

Jobs in PVP are a whole different story. With the complete rework of how they all play in PVP from Patch 6.1, there was some balancing that needed to be done. Patch 6.11 helps bring overpowered Jobs like Samurai, Red Mage, White Mage, and Warrior down just a notch. They’re are still by far top-tier in PVP, but along with buffs to other lower-tier Jobs, we have a little bit more parity. If you’ve shied away from playing the relatively weak Gunbreaker, Black Mage, or Dancer, these changes definitely help.

These tweaks come just two weeks after the initial Patch 6.1 overhaul, so we can expect more to be done to improve the experience. But overall, PVP is more exciting than it has ever been in FFXIV. For all the details on this, check out our full FFXIV 6.11 PVP Job changes breakdown. (And be sure to use our Crystalline Conflict guide if you’re jumping into the new PVP mode.)

The big content drop with Patch 6.11 is the new Ultimate duty, Dragonsong’s Reprise. While most players will likely pass on this tough-as-nails gauntlet of Savage-style battles, Dragonsong Ultimate remixes the most memorable fights from Heavensward. In order to even unlock it, you need to have cleared Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage), which is a sort of skill check that speaks to Dragonsong Ultimate’s difficulty.

However, as we can see now that Patch 6.11 is live and groups have been progressing in it, Dragonsong Ultimate includes checkpoints between certain phases. This makes it a less punishing, and potentially tedious, experience. The difficulty and challenge seems to remain intact, but at least it doesn’t feel as repetitive after party wipes.

Those who can tough it out and clear Dragonsong Ultimate will be rewarded with the new tier of Ultimate weapons. Upon completion, you’ll receive one (1) Dragonsong Token, which you can exchange for an Ultimate Weapon of the Heavens. You can only earn a Dragonsong Token once per week.

If you want to see how they look, check out our compilation of all the Dragonsong Ultimate weapons from in-game screenshots, or use our FFXIV model viewer to see how they look in motion with your own character.

There are a number of minor bug fixes in Patch 6.11 as well. Many of these come in the form of PVP action glitches, such as White Mage’s Cure II exploit, Monk’s Enlightenment sometimes not dealing the correct amount of damage, and Machinist’s Wildfire dealing too much damage. Some tooltip descriptions and secondary stats for Augmented Classical gear have also been corrected. You can see every bug fix in the official patch notes on the Lodestone.

As of Patch 6.11, player housing purchases and relocation has been put on hold. This temporary freeze on housing is to prevent issues from reoccuring as the FFXIV finishes and finalizes its fixes to the FFXIV housing lottery. Players who actually won a housing plot in the lottery were urged to claim their plot and complete the purchase prior to Patch 6.11 maintenance.

Long story short, the new housing lottery system was implemented with Patch 6.1. However, some results were bugged. Some lotteries concluded with the infamous “The winning number is 0” message, which is an error since players can’t draw a zero. Thus, nobody won those plots, including players who were lone entrants in a bugged lottery. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida has been giving continual updates on the situation and said that they’ve found a solution but need time to test it and reinstate the correct lottery results. So, Patch 6.11 put the housing economy on ice until the fix is implemented.

You can catch up on all the details around the FFXIV housing lottery issues — we’ll be sure to cover the latest developments on player housing.

The next significant update for FFXIV will be Patch 6.15. Although we do not have a release date yet, it’s likely to arrive either late May 2022 or sometime in June 2022. We already know what kinds of new content to expect — we’re anticipating the new Custom Deliveries for mommy Leveilleur, a new sidequest series with Tataru, the contiuation of the silly Hildibrand quests, and the new Arkasodara Tribe quests. We’ll be sure to report back when we know more about FFXIV Patch 6.15!

Author: Deann Hawkins