FFXIV Materiel Container 3.0 or 4.0 Guide

FFXIV Materiel Container 3.0 or 4.0 Guide

Once you’ve finally unlocked the Grand Company rank of Captain, you may be excited to finally purchase some FFXIV Materiel Containers and get the minions and mounts inside. Not only is it a good way to complete your collection, but it sounds like a surefire way to earn some Gil, and it is. So when you’ve got 20,000 Grand Company Seals saved up, which is the better box to buy? In this guide, we’ll explain both how much Final Fantasy XIV Gil you can expect to earn and highlight the number of rare items inside each container to help you decide.

viewing the grand company seal exchange where materiel containers are listed

Materiel Container 3.0 Contents

Materiel Container 3.0 has all mounts and minions from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward inside. In total, there are two mounts and 81 minions.

Items Worth 1,000,000+ Gil

Night Pegasus Whistle: 10,000,000 Gil

Items Worth 100,000+ Gil

Assassin Fry: 100,000 Gil
Calamari: 239,000 Gil
Fat Cat: 294,000 Gil
Lesser Panda: 100,000 Gil
Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII: 123,000 Gil
Wind-up Tonberry: 100,000 Gil

On my server, Ultros, the average value of a container is about 150,000 Gil. That number is incredibly skewed, however, by the 10,000,000 value Night Pegasus Whistle. Without it, the average drops to just 33,000 Gil per box. With a situation like this, it’s probably best to use the median which is an even more abysmal 19,000 Gil. At 20,000 Grand Company Seals each, you’re basically playing the lottery and hoping to pull that Night Pegasus Whistle.

Materiel Container 4.0 Contents

What about the more recent Material Container 4.0 which has mounts and minions from Stormblood? In total, there are five mounts and 50 minions.

Untradeable Items

Items Worth 1,000,000+ Gil

Dodo Horn: 4,397,000 Gil
Eldthurs Horn: 2,175,000 Gil
Eurekan Petrel Horn: 4,231,000 Gil
Conditional Virtue: 1,348,000 Gil
Copycat Bulb: 8,050,000 Gil
Wind-up Elvaan: 2,323,000 Gil

Items Worth 100,000+ Gil

Flying Chair: 108,000 Gil
Hedgehoglet: 153,000 Gil
The Gold Whisker: 324,000 Gil
Yukinko Snowflake: 327,000 Gil

The good news is there are six items worth at least one million Gil compared to the single one from the last container. The average of 428,000 Gil isn’t too bad, but the median is even worse at only 2,300 Gil. In short, Materiel Container 4.0 is feast or famine. The median value is much, much lower, but there are more items worth a lot of Gil.

So Materiel Container 3.0 or Materiel Container 4.0?

If you’ve got infinite Grand Company Seals, buying Material Containers is like playing the lottery. Sometimes you’ll come away with millions of Gil, but most of the time you’re going to get nearly nothing on your return.

As a whole, that means you probably want to purchase Materiel Container 4.0. Sure, you’re going to strike out more, but when there are way more items worth a quick million Gil.

Even if your goal is to collect all of the minions inside, it’s certainly cheaper to buy those on the lower end. Unless you’re going to keep buying boxes until you own everything that is, by the time you get all of the rare drops you’ll have dozens of the common minions.

Only interested in earning Gil? You can put those Grand Company Seals to better use! In fact, we have a whole guide dedicated to helping you figure out what the most profitable items are on your specific server. You can easily turn 100,000 Seals into 300-600,000 Gil and you don’t even need a crafter to reach the lower end of that range!

Author: Deann Hawkins