FFXIV Will Resume Automatic Housing Demolition Soon

FFXIV Will Resume Automatic Housing Demolition Soon

Final Fantasy XIV suspended its automatic demolition policy for inactive estates on December 5 last year, around the time of the launch of Endwalker. Well, it’s going back into effect on March 9 this year at 12:00 a.m. PT.

Players who have entered their estate at least once during the policy’s suspension will have their auto-demolition timer reset when it’s reinstated. However, if they have not entered their estate since the suspension, the timer will resume from where it left off.

Those who own an estate in FFXIV‘s player housing system are subject to having their lot taken away if they have not entered their estate for an extended period of time. This is said to be 45 days of inactivity after the last time the lot owner (if a personal lot) or a Free Company member (if a Free Company house) enters the premises.

An email will be sent to notify FFXIV accounts if it has 10 days before a scheduled demolition. There is also an in-game notification and countdown timer that shows up if you have not entered the estate in 30 days.

Because of a multitude of server issues around the launch of Endwalker and waves of players unable to log in, Square Enix decided to put the policy on hold. This isn’t the first time it was done — at the beginning of the global pandemic, FFXIV housing demolition was suspended from March 2020 to November 2020 in case players had to drop the game.

The housing market is wild in FFXIV with high demand and a limited number of lots to supply. It’s part of why this policy exists to begin with. Presumably, the upcoming Ishgardian housing district and changes to lot acquisition (through a new lottery system) will alleviate some of the problems. It’s like sneakerheads tryna cop Yeezys or folks tryna get a PS5 out here.

In other recent FFXIV news, it’s been confirmed that we’re getting a new Deep Dungeon (like Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High) during the Endwalker 6.x patch cycle. You can also check out some sweet fan creations and artwork showcased during the Korean FanFest this past weekend. And get ready for a new Live Letter happening this Friday on February 18 where the FFXIV team will address the next 10 years of the game and answer your Endwalker questions.

Author: Deann Hawkins