Final Fantasy’s Uniqlo Clothing Line Leaks With A Shirt For Every Game

Final Fantasy's Uniqlo Clothing Line Leaks With A Shirt For Every Game

The Final Fantasy Uniqlo line of t-shirts for the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series has leaked online early, with shirts for every title.

An upcoming clothing line collaboration between Uniqlo and the Final Fantasy series has leaked online, with sixteen shirts on the way for each mainline entry. 2022 is a big year for the Final Fantasy series, as it marks the Final Fantasy series 35th anniversary, as well as Final Fantasy 7’s 25th anniversary.

Square Enix has already been celebrating the Final Fantasy anniversaries in style. FF7: The First Soldier received retro skins, based on the blocky 3D models from FF7, as well as a boss fight with Bahamut Fury from Crisis Core. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin launched in March, offering a new look at the story of the original Final Fantasy on the NES. Square Enix also opened a 35th-anniversary website, teasing the announcement of more Final Fantasy games that will be announced this year. The FF6 Pixel Remaster launched with a fully voiced version of the famous opera scene. Finally, there are hints that FF7 Remake Part 2 news is coming by the end of the year.


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It seems Square Enix had more merchandising plans for the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary celebrations, but they have made their way online before an official announcement was made. According to Kakucho Purei (via IGN), the Vietnamese portal on Uniqlo’s website featured designs for sixteen Final Fantasy t-shirts, each with the 35th anniversary’s branding. These have since been taken off the website.

Final Fantasy 35th anniversary t-shirt

The sixteen shirts feature designs for the mainline Final Fantasy games, with the notable exception of FFX-2, FFX13-2, and Lightning Returns: FF13. It’s likely that Square Enix wanted to keep things simple, as introducing the spin-offs and sequels would inflate the line too much. It’s notable that Final Fantasy 16 has a shirt, considering FF16 isn’t even out yet and there’s no word regarding a release date. The t-shirt designs feature a mixture of pixel art images, screenshots taken at famous moments during each game, and artwork made especially for the shirts.

Square Enix is known for big merchandise blowouts for the anniversaries of its top franchises. This has certainly been the case with the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, which is currently receiving all kinds of special clothing, plushies, and toys to mark the occasion. The Final Fantasy franchise might be Square Enix’s biggest series, so there will likely be more promotions like the Uniqlo one running throughout the year. The official Final Fantasy 35th anniversary website was created to promote games released in 2022, but it will likely host all of the upcoming merchandise as well.

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Source: IGN, Kakucho Purei


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