Flash Confirms One Unexpected DC Villain He Can Never Forgive

Flash Confirms One Unexpected DC Villain He Can Never Forgive

A new preview for Nightwing #91 reveals that the Flash has a list of villains he’ll never forgive, and one foe in particular recently made the cut.

Warning! Contains a preview for Nightwing #91

In a new preview for DC’s Nightwing, Wally West’s Flash confirms an unexpected villain has made his list of foes he’ll never forgive. While the KGBeast may not be one of the Scarlet Speedster’s classic rogues, he certainly did some damage to his best friend Dick Grayson. As this new issue teases, Wally West has some choice words and some rapid punches to throw at the villain who nearly killed Nightwing back in 2016.

In previous issues of Nightwing, Dick Grayson has become a major public figure due to his desire to help the city of Blüdhaven like never before, using his inherited billions from the late Alfred to kickstart real positive change. However, this has also put a massive target on his back seeing as how that change will threaten the way of life for some of the city’s biggest crime bosses (such as Blockbuster). As such, Wally West has been teaming up with Dick to help keep him safe, especially when a foe like KGBeast shows up in an attempt to finish what he started when he shot Nightwing and gave him amnesia for almost 4 years.


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Now, a new preview for Nightwing #91 from writer Tom Taylor and artist Geraldo Borges sees Wally West unleashed, not holding back as he lands punch after punch on the KGBeast for hurting his best friend. As he hits him, Wally tells Anatoly Knayzev that he’s now on his list of villains he’ll never forgive, promising to make time for him any time he steps out of line. Here are the preview pages along with the issue synopsis:








Following this preview and the full issue that’s soon to come, it seems doubtful that KGBeast will be much of a problem going forward in the DC Universe. So long as the Flash makes good on his promise, the odds are good that he’s pretty much done, having already suffered one humiliating defeat after another in the aftermath of his attempt to kill Nightwing. That being said, Nightwing and Flash still need to figure out who hired KGBeast to go after Dick Grayson and kidnap Barbara Gordon in the last issue to draw him out.

While one could imagine that other villains on Flash’s list would be foes such as Reverse-Flash, Darkseid, or any other definitively irredeemable foes like the Joker, KGBeast is the first to be confirmed on Wally’s list. At any rate, the continuation of Dick Grayson’s team-up with Wally West from the previous issue is bound to be an exciting time as they attempt to prevent further assassination attempts on Nightwing’s life. For better or for worse, Blüdhaven is in for a major status quo shift thanks to Nightwing. With the Flash’s help, it will hopefully be for the better.

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Check out Nightwing #91 when it releases on April 19th from DC Comics.

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