Flashpoint’s Two-Face Has a Much More Brutal Origin

Flashpoint's Two-Face Has a Much More Brutal Origin

While Two-Face’s origin is already horrifying in the mainstream DC Universe, his Flashpoint version somehow manages to have a much more brutal origin.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Flashpoint Beyond #3!

While Batman’s villain Two-Face already has an incredibly dark origin in the mainstream DC Comics continuity, his Flashpoint version has a much more brutal origin story. The Flashpoint Universe is a world where Barry Allen’s mother was never murdered, which caused a butterfly effect that led to the entire world being much darker. In this world, Batman is Thomas Wayne, who takes up a mission to murder criminals after his son Bruce was murdered as a child. And many versions of his rogues gallery are twisted versions of the regular Batman’s enemies.


In the mainstream DC Universe, Two-Face is the villainous alias of Harvey Dent. Two-Face has one of the best origins in comics. Dent was once a righteous district attorney who was one of Batman’s closest allies. However, in the trial of the mob boss Sal Maroni, the gangster threw acid on his face, hideously and painfully scarring him. This caused him to turn down a path of evil as a villainous gangster obsessed with the number two whose decisions are dictated by the results of a coin flip. This origin for the villain is already incredibly tragic and grotesque, but the Flashpoint Universe somehow managed to make it even more horrifying.

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In the Flashpoint Universe Two-Face isn’t Harvey Dent, but his wife Gilda. Gilda had a mental breakdown after her daughter committed suicide after being kidnapped by the Joker. This led to a compulsive obsession with the Joker and her imprisonment in Arkham Asylum. To add insult to injury, while she was institutionalized, her husband was brutally murdered. But in Flashpoint Beyond #2, by Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan, Jeremy Adams, Xermanico, and Mikel Janin, she finally gains the distinctive facial scars the villain is known for. After Batman visits her and breaks the window to her cell in anger, she repeatedly bangs her head against the shattered glass and slices up half of her face in the process.

Gilda Dent becomes Two-Face.

While being burned by acid is definitely painful, it still seems less brutal than having half your face be eviscerated by broken glass. The fact that Gilda’s sounds are self inflicted while Harvey’s are not just adds to the horrifying nature of her origin. It also shows that Gilda is far more deranged than Harvey. And beyond just the facial scars, her backstory of losing her family members is much more tragic than Harvey’s backstory. All of these factors contribute to making the Flashpoint version of Two-Face have a much more harrowing origin than the mainstream version of the character.

It is unclear how big of a role Gilda will have in the Flashpoint Beyond series going forward. Variant covers for future issues do feature her prominently, so this could be a sign that her inclusion in the story is more than just an Easter egg. But whether she serves a larger role in the story going forward as the Flashpoint Beyond variant covers imply or not, her brutal origin makes the Flashpoint version of Two-Face even more memorable than the original and the visceral nature of her wounds is sure to leave a mark on readers.

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Flashpoint Beyond #3 is now available from DC Comics.

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