Fortnite IO Airship Guide – Where to Search Chests on IO Airship Locations

Fortnite IO Airship Guide - Where to Search Chests on IO Airship Locations

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is at full swing, bringing map changes, a new battle pass featuring Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Prowler, and tons of challenges to complete. From seasonal quests to a new character collection to complete, there is no shortage of activities at hand. This guide focuses on the Fortnite search chests on IO Airships quest, which debuted in the first weekly batch of the season.

Fortnite IO Airship Locations

The IO Airships can be found scattered across the battle royale map in Fortnite as part of Chapter 3 Season 2.

If you’re wondering where to find IO Airships, the locations are as follows:

Tilted Towers
Coney Crossroads
Condo Cannyon
Command Cavern
The Daily Bugle
Rocky Reels

Fortnite Siege Cannon 2

Basically, IO Airships appear flying above some of the most notable locations in Chapter 3 Season 2. Some of the steps need to be rediscovered again when you’re jumping into the season for the first time due to their changes, but all in all, the IO Airships are easy to spot thanks to the icons on the map.

Where to Search Chests on IO Airships in Fortnite

During the first week of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 quests, one of them tasks you search chests on IO Airships. The chests themselves don’t have anything that makes them stand out, so you’re looking for the usual chests. As long as they’re either outside or inside the airship, it’s going to count towards the quest.

For a quick method without enemies, we’re using the Fortnite IO Airship located in Command Cavern. As such, I recommend to land to this spot from the battle bus directly to get it out of the way at the start of the match, and earn yourself some useful loot while you’re at it, too.

Fortnite IO Airship 2

Fortnite IO Airship 3

You’re going to want to land on the southwestern corner of the IO Airship, using the map as reference. You’re going to spot a chest right away, which is next to the wing. Land there and open it.

Afterwards, turn around the corner of the wing where the chest is placed at to find a second chest.

Fortnite IO Airship 4

Fortnite IO Airship 5

Only one chest left. From where you’re standing, there is a zipline on the opposite side of the chests that can take you to an upper level of the Fortnite IO Airship.

Once you do, head inside the first door you see. There weren’t any enemies nearby, so again, this is the quickest and safest route I’ve found so far.

Fortnite IO Airship 6

Fortnite IO Airship 7

The path ahead is super straightforward — all you have to do is head down the stairs and immediately turn back. The chest is hidden behind said stairs, so you can’t miss it.

Fortnite IO Airship 8

Fortnite IO Airship 9

That is all! Once you’ve opened all three chests around the Fortnite IO Airship, the objective to search chests on IO Airships is all set. Of course, you can complete the quest across any of the IO Airships, since there isn’t a specific spot and the quest’s progress carries over between matches. But if you want a quick route, I recommend to start with Command Cavern. While you’re here, make sure to launch yourself from a Siege Cannon to complete another quest.

Author: Deann Hawkins