Gary King Reacts To Fan Outrage Over Ashley Marti Hookup

Gary King Reacts To Fan Outrage Over Ashley Marti Hookup

Gary King responds to fans’ outrage at Ashley Marti for a problematic hookup. Gary says he does not consider this incident to be assault.

Below Deck reality star Gary King responded to viewers’ concerns about his hookup with Ashley Marti. During season 3 of Below Deck, Ashley has shown her interest in Gary King by commenting on the possibility of furthering their relationship. Cast members comment on her “desperation” for Gary and how Ashley has expressed that her interest in Gary is a game to her. However, Gary made it clear that he was not interested in having a relationship with any of his crew members. Despite this, Ashley and Gary did hookup prior to the incident which created concern among the fans.

Fans were not happy with Ashley pursuing Gary as it seemed to be quite forceful. While Gary was extremely intoxicated, Ashley and Gary hooked up. Gary made numerous comments about his discomfort with the situation. Regardless of this, Ashley seemed to ignore his remarks and did not see a problem with the situation. She continued despite his protests which caused fans to argue that she assaulted him. Fans felt uneasy when Gary could not recall what occurred during this incident in the following episodes. 


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Fans were vocal about their concern and discomfort with viewing this incident. According to E! News, Gary responded by thanking fans for worrying about his safety; however, he wants fans to know he does not consider the situation to be an assault. He said, “I didn’t think much of it then, and right now, I don’t think much of it.” Gary feels that hooking up with Ashley prior to this incident was a mistake. While he wished that he was not intoxicated during the situation, he continues to perceive the situation as a lapse in judgment. He said, “I just think people on social media blew it up bigger than it actually was.”

Ashley Marti Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Fans made several comments on the lack of consideration Ashley had for Gary at the time. Many commented that if the roles were reversed, the incident would be considered assault. They argue that Gary was taken advantage of while he was intoxicated, as he was not completely conscious of what was going on. Fans state that Ashley’s actions are not acceptable as Gary’s numerous protests should have been taken seriously. 

Fans are hopeful that Gary is doing well after the situation. The support shown to Gary is a positive sign that people are more aware of the importance of consent. Viewers will be interested to gain more insight into Gary’s perspective on the issue in the reunion episode of Below Deck.

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Source: E! News, Page Six

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