Genshin Impact: 9 Best Characters to Use with Ganyu

Genshin Impact: 9 Best Characters to Use with Ganyu

When Ganyu was released, she changed the standards for Genshin Impact’s DPS characters, able to put out such consistently impressive damage that she has long been called ‘over-powered’. Even long after her initial release, Ganyu, along with Hu Tao, are considered Genshin’s DPS ceiling, setting the standard for the highest possible damage capable of being reliably output by a DPS. To circumvent powercreep, it is likely players wont ever see a character who is, on paper, ‘more powerful’ than them.

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Ganyu is an extremely reliable and self-sufficient character who is strong enough to thrive without having a full team tailored for her. However, even though she can stand alone and still put out big numbers, certain team comps can ensure Ganyu hits her damage ceiling every time.

6 Shenhe

Cryo Polearm Shenhe is tailor-made to act as the ideal partner for Genshin’s Cryo DPS characters, providing damage buffs specific to Cryo attacks and Reactions. This, of course, makes her a great pick for Ganyu in pretty much any scenario. Her Skill provides a damage buff that repeats on multi-target hits, synchronizing perfectly with Ganyu’s AOE Charged Attacks. With her second Passive, Shenhe adds another Damage increase to her Skill, making it an even stronger buff to Ganyu.

With Shenhe’s Burst, she can lay down AOE Cryo damage, which cuts enemies’ Cryo resistance and adds a Cryo damage bonus. Her entire kit serves to let Cryo characters do the most damage possible, which can help the already over-powered Ganyu unleash some devastating hits. As the two disciples of Cloud Retainer, it only makes sense that Shenhe and Ganyu work in perfect harmony.

5 Diona

Genshin Impact Diona

While ubiquitous Shield Support Zhongli can certainly work well with Ganyu, players looking for a more specifically tailored option will find Diona to be their perfect fit. Diona is a great Support pick for almost any Cryo character, providing Cryo Resonance and excellent energy generation along with the baseline utility of her shield/healing Abilities.

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For Ganyu, Diona’s shield can be especially helpful in keeping her from getting interrupted when doing Charged Shots–one of the highlights of Ganyu’s kit. Her ability to heal, provide a shield, and her specific Cryo benefits makes her an extremely convenient and cost-efficient unit. Diona is able to give a lot of what Ganyu ideally needs from a support all bundled in one tiny package.


4 Xingqiu/Kokomi

Genshin Impact's Kokomi and Xingqiu

While sporting vastly different playstyles, Xingqiu and Kokomi fill more-or-less the same role in a Ganyu team. They’re both used to apply Hydro and enable Freeze reactions, and are also filling a healer role. Kokomi is obviously much more suited for Healing and is a great overall Support option. As a catalyst and with her off-field abilities, she can also provide the most consistent Freeze uptime.

Xingqiu is one of the best Sub-DPS choices in the game, offering convenient off-field Hydro application and some healing. However, while he is incredibly flexible,  Xingqiu excels when paired with Pyro characters like Hu Tao or Diluc in Vaporize comps and is best utilized on those teams, making him a less reliable option for Ganyu in the Spiral Abyss. If a player doesn’t have a dedicated team for Xingqiu already, then he’s the most cost-efficient substitute for a character like Kokomi.

3 Bennett

Genshin Impact's Bennett outside Mondstadt

While constantly underappreciated in the story, unlucky adventurer Bennett is one of the most utilized characters in the game. The darling of Spiral Abyss comps, Bennett’s easy healing and attack/damage boost has made him the go-to support choice for a not inconsiderable amount of Genshin’s current roster.

Bennett is the cornerstone of a Ganyu melt team, providing the easiest and most reliable Pyro application along with all of his Healing and buffing benefits. Ganyu can be used in a melt comp with Pyro DPS characters like Diluc or Klee, especially because she’s one of the few characters who can apply Cryo fast enough for them, but in those roles, she mostly acts as an enabler. However, even in these teams Bennett is often still included as the Support, especially due to his buffs stacking with an additional bonus given by Pyro resonance. Whether the Main DPS or Cryo Enabler, Bennett is Ganyu’s perfect Pyro partner.

2 Venti/Sucrose/Kazuha

Genshin Impact's Venti Sucrose and Kazuha

Venti, Sucrose, and Kazuha are the three best candidates for using the ‘Viridescent Venerer’ (‘VV’) artifact set, allowing them to occupy a specific role within Genshin team comps. Broadly, VV holders are used for their enemy grouping abilities and Swirl reactions, which increase damage and enable further Elemental Reactions. For Ganyu, grouping can be especially important, enabling her to make the most of her Burst and the bloom damage from her Charged shot.

Venti has the widest range for his grouping ability, making him the best for pulling all enemies in, and has an extra boost to particle generation. However, he hasn’t had a rerun since his initial release and is probably the rarest of the three to have. Kazuha has a smaller, but more powerful, range for his grouping and his Burst’s AOE Elemental Infusion is ideal for setting up big Elemental Reactions. Sucrose, one of the best of Genshin’s 4-Star Catalysts, is the most cost-efficient option but no less powerful for it, and her additional Elemental Mastery buff can be significant in increasing Elemental damage. If a player has access to all three characters, then the choice comes down to which provides the benefits they specifically need. However, considering two are limited 5-stars, this is not always the case, but thankfully Kazuha, Venti and Sucrose are all perfectly viable choices for Ganyu.

1 Mona

Genshin Impact's Mona in Old Mondstadt

One of Ganyu’s best teams is known as ‘Morgana’, a variation on a permafreeze comp that is known for its high damage potential and reliability. Hydro catalyst Mona is the key to this comp’s success, enabling both widespread Hydro application and a significant damage boost with her Burst. Mona is often considered to be the strongest Hydro Support in the game, and she especially shines when built as a Burst Support for Ganyu.

Using her Skill, Mona can apply off-field Hydro as well as a temporary taunt for enemies. This can be useful while waiting out cooldowns or to build energy, but the real star of her kit is her Burst. After applying Cryo, using Mona’s Burst can freeze enemies and the subsequent buffs enable Ganyu to do huge damage with her charged shots afterward. This combo is straightforward and uncomplicated without sacrificing any damage, making it perfect for players looking for a no-fuss way to maximize Ganyu’s potential.

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