Genshin Impact Ayato Story Quest Walkthrough – Bake-Danuki Puzzle & Boba Tea

Genshin Impact Ayato Story Quest Walkthrough – Bake-Danuki Puzzle & Boba Tea

Kamisato Ayato has finally made his first appearance in Genshin Impact. If you’re eager to meet the famous Yashiro Commissioner and Head of the Kamisato Clan, save up a Story Key and start the Story Quest called Cypressus Custos Chapter: Act 1 – The Firmiana Leaf Falls.

Ayato’s Story Quest is mostly dialogue and visiting certain locations, but there’s some fighting, a small puzzle, and a follow the NPC objective as well. Here’s a full walkthrough, a list of requirements, and an overview of the rewards.

Naturally, there are some Story Quest spoilers ahead!

Ayato’s Story Quest Requirements

Fair warning: this Genshin Impact Story Quest has a long list of requirements. It takes place after all the turmoil in Inazuma (something to do with a Raiden Shogun gone wild), and it follows up on a specific World Quest. Here’s what you need:

An Adventure Rank of at least 40.
Completed Archon Quest Chapter III: Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals. In other words, the full Inazuma main storyline.
Story Quest: Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act I – Reflections of Mortality. This is the first part of Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest.
Inazuma World Quest: Chisato’s Letter. You will obtain this quest when first entering Inazuma, after the Ritou Escape Plan.

As usual, you need to spend one Story Key to unlock this Story Quest. Complete eight Daily Commissions at the Adventurer’s Guild to collect one Key (can be exchanged by clicking on ‘Story Quests’ in your Journal).

Ayato’s Story Quest Rewards

We don’t expect you to accompany Ayato on his wedding-related adventures for free. Here’s the full list of rewards:

Adventurer Experience and Mora
60 Primogems
12 Hero’s Wit (character level-up material)
22 Enhancement Ore (weapon level-up material)
5 Guide to Elegance. This is Ayato’s Talent level-up material.

Ayato’s Story Part One: New Shoots From Old Branches

Start Ayato’s Story Quest by going to the yellow area in the streets of Inazuma City, where the Traveler runs into some old acquaintances: Ippei, who serves Kujou Kamaji, and Shinnojou, a guard serving the Hiiragi Clan. After the introduction, complete the following steps:

Head to the Kamisato Estate further to the north. Ippei and Shinnojou will wait outside while the Traveler meets with Ayato.
After a whole lot of dialogue, head back outside again and speak to Ippei and Shinnojou.
Next stop: the Kujou Estate. It’s located in the southern part of Inazuma City. Don’t go up the stairs to the Shogun’s Palace, but head to your right.

The Traveler and Ayato spend some time discussing the marriage with Kujou Kamaji, after which a cutscene automatically takes you outside again. The next objective is to go to the Hiiragi Estate, which is located on Ritou Island (to the north).

Ayato’s Story Part Two: Milk Tea Intermission

However, as Chisato isn’t available, the Story Quest tells you to “kill some time in Ritou,” which means visiting Street Food Vendor Tomoki. This is an exciting moment for all the Genshin Impact players who’ve been obsessing over Ayato drinking boba tea: while it’s not exactly the same, you do get to drink some type of milk tea with him.

When you get the option to choose your own ingredients, it doesn’t affect the storyline other than Paimon liking or disliking it (Thoma’s taste buds won’t be spared, no matter your choice). In case you want to know:

Lavender Melon, Seagrass, or Sea Ganoderma: Paimon’s not happy.
Dango: Paimon is happy.

After tasting the milk and meeting Ayato’s ninja, go back to the Hiiragi Estate to have a conversation with Chisato. Then go to the meeting point to speak to Ayato again to complete the first part of his Story Quest.

Ayato’s Story Part Three: The Truth Is Also A Lie – Bake-Danuki puzzle

Shinnojou has been captured. To save him, go to the cave west of the Grand Narukami Shrine. You can enter from the beach. After a cutscene, you need to fight a group of guards. It’s an easy fight, and mainly an opportunity to use Ayato as a trial character.

To unlock the cage, follow the Bake-Danuki until he drops the key. Here are the Danuki’s locations in order:

Near the fire in the cave’s entrance.
If you face the cage, the Bake-Danuki has disguised himself as the stone pillar to the right. Hit it with an attack.
The Bake-Danuki has now disguised himself as one of the wooden crates a bit further inside the cave.
He’s waiting in front of the shrine, the deepest part of the cave.

Pick up the key and release Shinnojou. Speak to him, head outside to meet with Matsuura, and then go back to Inazuma City. After checking the notice board, return to Kujou Estate and speak to Kamaji again.

Ayato’s Story Part Four: The Truth Is Also A Lie – Follow Hideo

Like Ayato’s ninja, we’ve got some sneaking to do. Follow the NPC called Hideo without him being alerted. This is trickier than it sounds, as the quest fails when you’re either too close or too far away. The best way to follow him successfully, is to stay close but be prepared to sprint behind one of the buildings as soon as you see the warning meter appear.

You can roughly follow this path:

Stay right where you are during the first conversation. No need to move yet.
When Hideo starts walking again, hide behind the building on your left first, then sprint to the lower one on the right when he goes down the staircase.
Next, get behind the house downstairs on the left (see picture), and when Hideo starts walking again, go around the house on the right.
He will start sprinting. Just run after him to complete the quest objective.

Ayato’s Story Part Five: The Wind Settles

The final part of Ayato’s Story Quest tells you to “wait for two days.” No worries, this means in-game days, not real ones. Simply go to the clock in the main menu, and skip a day twice. After that, it’s just a matter of visiting previous locations and finishing the storyline:

Go to Ritou and listen to the three NPCs.
Go to Hiiragi Estate, speak to Chisato.
Go to the Kamisato Estate, speak to Ayato.

And that completes your first encounter with Ayato. What do you think about his Story Quest? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

Author: Deann Hawkins