Genshin Impact Fans are so Hyped For Yelan They’re Already Making Incredible Animations About Her

Genshin Impact Fans are so Hyped For Yelan They're Already Making Incredible Animations About Her

In the upcoming update for Genshin Impact, the free-to-play open-world action-RPG from developer Hoyoverse, fans are finally getting access to the first new character since March. The 2.7 update is going to have Yelan, a Hydro Archer that was revealed also in March, and fans are already way into her character and design. So much so, in fact, that one fan has already created an animation featuring the upcoming character.

Animator KIERU (@KieruArt) makes animated Genshin shorts every few weeks made a new animation to celebrate Yelan’s announcement that is shockingly cool. You can check out their animation below:

#GenshinImpact anime short: Aces Sleeved

Short compositing test animation, celebrating Yelan’s official announcement#原神 #indieanime

— KIERU (@KieruArt) May 26, 2022

The fanart animation shows Yelan gambling in a game of mahjong over a drink with complete and absolute confidence. Zhongli and Childe, meanwhile, watch from a distance while clearly afraid to take on Yelan in any kinds of games of chance. The ominous presence of Hu Tao lingers behind them as they weigh their options.

Yelan was first seen in the 2.6 update during the Chasm missions, as a mysterious shadowy figure that disappeared as quickly as she appeared. She’s supposedly a member of Ningguang’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, but according to Hoyoverse, she’s not on any of their official records. In the upcoming update, players will work with the archer on new quests that involve miasma suspiciously pouring out from the Chasm.

You can also check out her character trailer here.

Yelan will be on Genshin Impact’s 2.7 banner on May 31, finally bringing the long-delayed update to the public. While Hoyoverse has only said that the update was delayed do to game progress, rumors from before the official announcement suggested that it was largely due to COVID lockdowns in Shanghai. The update will bring both Yelan and new 4-star Kuki Shinobu, but fix the Serintea Pot placement and add new missions and events.

You can get prepared for Yelan with our guide here and the Kuki Shinobu guide right here.

Author: Deann Hawkins