Genshin Impact is Still Coming to Switch, According to HoYoverse

Genshin Impact is Still Coming to Switch, According to HoYoverse

Despite some fan murmurings after a lengthy wait, developer HoYoverse says its Genshin Impact release for Nintendo Switch is still on the way.

In a statement to GoNintendo, the developer behind one of the world’s most popular games assuaged fears that Genshin Impact for Switch was canceled. “The Switch version is still in development,” a HoYoverse representative confirmed. “We will release more information as we progress further along.”

First revealed back in 2020, the other handheld version of Genshin Impact has seen little mention outside of its initial reveal trailer. The free-to-play gacha RPG is currently only available on Sony platforms, PC, and mobile—though it did add other PC storefronts like the Epic Games Store and an updated PlayStation 5 version since its initial debut.

HoYoverse maintains a fairly consistent release schedule, delivering new characters, story arcs, and beefy event cycles to the RPG every six to seven weeks. In an era of increased game delays due to development challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, HoYoverse’s updates rarely see a hitch and the status of the Switch release is a bit of an anomaly. However, just last month, the developer confirmed to Fanbyte that the Genshin Impact Version 2.7 launch is postponed “due to project progress,” with no new date provided yet.

While Genshin Impact players will see compensation for the delayed update, the Switch version remains a little more nebulous and the company’s statement to GoNintendo is all we’ve got for now. Since some of China’s biggest cities have seen COVID-related lockdowns within the last few weeks, including Shanghai, where HoYoverse is located, players have expected delays to the RPG.  Those restrictions have begun to ease as the country curbs its numbers, but learning to adapt on the fly and work safely within COVID guidelines continues to pose challenges for developers worldwide.

That’s a lot to say; it’s great to hear there are still plans for a Switch version of Genshin Impact, but perhaps we shouldn’t get too wound up over the idea for now given extenuating circumstances.  Crunch culture was already an ugly part of the industry, and adding the hazards of a pandemic to the mix certainly isn’t helping. Maybe we’ll see a little more on the console after update work finds its way back on schedule, but until then, the game runs just fine on mobile devices.

Author: Deann Hawkins