Get To Know The Four Couples On Season 4

Get To Know The Four Couples On Season 4

Everything to know about the four couples on Temptation Island 2022. Get to know Ashley & Lascelles, Iris & Luke, Gillian & Edgar, and Ash & Hania.

The USA Network is bringing the heat up by introducing a brand-new cast of four committed couples, single men, and single women on Temptation Island season 4. As it is the tradition, the format of Temptation Island involves putting couples to the test when it comes to relationship issues involving trust, fidelity, and long distances. More often than not, the couples ultimately don’t make it out of the show together for one reason or another.

Alas, there’s usually one couple that does come out stronger from this experiment. On paper, this sounds like a fairly easy test for two partners who trust each other: spend a few weeks in a paradisiacal island surrounded by fun new people. Sure, each contestant is separated from his or her partner, but that shouldn’t be an issue for what is theoretically considered a strong and healthy couple. As a new season goes on, the couples on Temptation Island are often surprised with the outcome of their time on the show.


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This year, Temptation Island season 4 on the USA Network will introduce four new couples: Ashley Rodriguez & Lascelles Lagares, Gillian Lieberman & Edgar De Santiago, Gillian Lieberman & Edgar De Santiago, and Ash Lamiroult & Hania Stocker. This is a pretty diverse set of couples given their ages, backgrounds, and relationship styles, which should make this a pretty interesting season. With the Temptation Island premiere now upon us, it’s time to learn more about these four couples.

Ashley Rodriguez & Lascelles Lagares

One of the couples who want to challenge themselves on Temptation Island season 4 is Ashley and Lascelles. Lascelles is a 27-year-old recruiter/personal trainer, whereas Ashley is a 26-year-old content producer. The couple currently lives in Queens, New York and has been together for seven years.

Iris Jardiel & Luke Wechselberger

In 2022, Iris and Luke will appear on Temptation Island to test their relationship under these very different conditions. Age-wise, Iris is 26 years old and Luke is 29 years old. They’re both entrepreneurs who live in Seattle, Washington. Interestingly enough, Luke met Iris when she was dating one of his friends. Having started a relationship like this, they’ve had jealousy problems from the very beginning.

Gillian Lieberman & Edgar De Santiago

West Palm Beach, FL native Gillian and Indianapolis, IN native Edgar met in college and have been dating ever since. Gillian is 21 years old and Edgar is 23 years old, so they are still quite young. When it comes to their careers, Edgar is a customer experience specialist and Gillian is a real estate agent.

Ash Lamiroult & Hania Stocker

Last but certainly not least, this new season of Temptation Island will also feature Ash and Hania. This couple has been together for one and a half years and started dating when Hania slid into Ash’s DMs. Ash is a 28-year-old writer and Hania is a 30-year-old garden designer. They currently reside in Santa Fe, NM, but Ash has a job prospect in Brooklyn that is making them want to test their relationship on Temptation Island 2022.

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Temptation Island season 4 premieres Wednesday, March 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the USA Network.

Source: USA Network

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